Rolling random character stats?


Does anyone have a system for actually rolling stats for a character instead of point buy?

My thoughts…

1d6/3 = Bonus


Roll 1d6
1: +0
2: +0
3: +0
4: +1
5: +1
6: +2


token_1 ok im ready to roll. lol


Well, your options are basically 0-6, right? There’s, IIRC, nothing saying you CAN’T put all 6 points in one stat. Though I’d think any system would need to discourage that.

So let’s think of a more basic 0-4 D&D style bonus system. That means that your distribution COULD be 1d10/2 = bonus.

that said, that is likely to give stats much greater than the assumed ICRPG starting stats. it would make 3 average.

Since it seems like 0 is average and anything above that is training in ICRPG, why not use that? You can roll a d8 and 1-4 is 0. Then above that your total is just X-4.

But if the goal is to trend towards the middle you could do the same thing with 2d4. that will give you more +1 and +2 numbers.


I should point out that I think rolling stats is basically a relic and is a bad idea.


i like the point buy system my self, i feel rolling brings in to many house rules, which creates unbalance in a group. if you have 4 players that point buy and one that rolls, the roller will normally outdo the point buy players

unless your talking old school dnd. 3d6 rolled infront of the dm (no rerolling 1-2)and placed in order (top to bottom) as they are rolled

roll a 7
and so on. then pick a class bases on the outcome of those stats. the old way were brutal, but fare.

try it out and see what fate has you play. this was a cool idea in (rifts/heroes unlimited). random roll tables to build your heroes.
learning how to survive with crap powers and that dont work together was half of the fun.


I was just playing with the idea for a meat grinder style adventure


With stats the way they are I would think it would be something like 2d4-4. Your max is 4 on double 4s and half your rolls are 0. Even that’s a tad generous IMO…maybe 2d4-5.

Or if you want the stats fully random just have them roll which stat to give a +1 to six times.


After generating 25+ stat blocks I found that what gets your closest to a 6 point avarage is…

1-4: +0
5: +1
6: +2