Roll20 Ghost Mountain style background



Hi Lumpyheaded people. Long-time YT fan of Hank’s madness but first time poster here. I am artistically challenged and looking for a tutorial on making a abstract yet evocative background for my roll20 maps, like the one that Hank uses for Ghost Mountain in the Roll For Effort games.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve spent about six hours messing around with Gimp and can’t get anything that looks remotely right.



Welcome! Have you seen this video?


I watched the first part, where Hank is going over practicing lines with his tablet. I haven’t got a tablet, so I stopped (I also ran out of time). Does he show how he creates his backgrounds later?

Edit: Ah, I thought this was a different video. I have seen this one and used his technique to create the bits and so on, just looking for help creating the “board” that he places them on.


This isn’t the original, but it’s close. Have fun!!!


That is amazing! I would love to learn how you did it. Thank you!