Roll under TN for GM creatures



Oh, drats…new concept using this Mechanic.

Assuming @Shadymutha player facing rolls!!! and Simultaneous attacks!!! (I forgot who was proposing that, sorry!!)

So in simultaneous combat, moves happen, get resolved. and then attacks all take place assumed at some time during that move.

So all Players Roll a D20 for their to hit and a D20 for each of the enemies targeting them. The player chooses what roll goes to what, but since high goes for the player, and low goes for the enemy, the player has to decide how to distribute those rolls.

Our Villan Paxx and his one henchman target Shady with their shortbows while moving back.
Shady is targeting Paxx with his Giant Axe of Door Breaking!!! TN12 Shady has 2 armor.

Moves are done, and Shady’s player must roll 3 D20. a 1, a 20 and a 9.

Shady decides to give the 1 to the henchman, the 20 to himself and the 9 to Paxx…
Shady and the Henchman each get critical rolls and do critical damage for their respective weapons.
Paxx scores a normal hit, 9+2=11 Vs under TN 12. and the PC rolls regular damage for Paxx.

We are giving the player almost total Agency, but they must still often make hard choices.

Miss, Crit, Fumble Mechanics where the players makes all the choices!

Wizard 1 fires a Ball-o-Fire at the 3 PCs. PC 1 is charging the Wizard but will not get there in this turn. Player 2 is casting a spell but not moving. Payer 3 is moving out of the way and shooting a sling at the Wizard.
Player 1 rolls 1d20 for the enemy.
Player 2 rolls 1d20 for the enemy.
Player 3 rolls 2d20 one for the enemy and one for themselves.

only player 2 decides what dice to give themselves and what to give to the enemy.
roll <TN-armor to see if the enemy hit you
or Roll + Armor and if that is under the TN it hits you.

The other 2 eat what they Roll.

Needs some adjustment, but might work even when drunk!


I love this idea! I usually run a target number of 10~12 and then have my players roll to dodge instead of having the monsters roll to hit.

One rule of thumb I use to adjust the target is if the Monster has +5, just add 5 to the Target. That works great for attack rolls (resolved by players rolling, adding their ARMOR or DEF bonus vs the Target), this idea resolves the scaling for every other action the monster takes as well, and it fixes the weirdness of a Target 15 room where a +5 monster only has a 55% chance at success.