Rogue Element - Cyber Heroic RPG


Hail Shield Wall.

Three years ago, Hankering threw down the gauntlet on Retune. Can we make cyberpunk as lasting and fun as fantasy?
I picked up the gauntlet, and after three years of writing, playtesting and pulling my hair, it is finally out on Drivethru.

If you want high octane cyber heroic mayhem, check it out on:

Gear up, Jack in, be a HERO!

  • Meadbeard


I mean, Retune wasn’t the only gauntlet. lol

Super fun take on cyberpunk, and I can tell you put in a ton of hard work! Purchased!


Congrats on all your hard work and getting it out there!


Thanks so much :beer:
Altered State and Retune were so great, and a great inspiration. 🪙


Wow, it’s finally out?!

Well done my friend, well done!


UPDATE: Now available as physical hardback book too.