Road to Salvation is Released!


Finally, my Ghost Mountain supplement is available for sale on DriveThruRPG at the following links. I had a blast working on this and I hope somebody finds enjoyment in it as well! It’s broken into two products, the book and the map. The book does include a smaller black/white version of the map, but if you can afford it, RUNEHAMMER’s ole’ timey high-res map is truly beautiful! I wanted everyone to have that option.

“Road to Salvation” -
“Salvation Map” -

Summary: Contained within is a campaign setting leading your heroes to Salvation, another land mass caught between heaven and hell, followed by many adventure threads that take place on the new land. Also contains more character classes, milestones, weapons, magic spells, a world map, mini-games (dice/card), loot tables, monster templates, and a new character sheet. No matter how your Ghost Mountain story ends, there is always Salvation.


Yoink…just grabbed my copy.

Can’t wait to dig in to this. Congrats on your first project man.


Congrats on the release dude!


Both Links go to the map?


They shouldn’t, when I click the top one, it’s taking me to the book (the image on left should be the preview image).


DTRPG is notoriously bad on mobile. Using cookies it will open a previously looked at item regardless of what link you just clicked.


Two of those purchases are from me! Thank you for putting this out there.


@Shadymutha is totally correct. My bad. Sorry. I did navigate to both and will probably pick them up tonight.


Awesome thanks guys!! And thanks @Shadymutha for the info, good to know about that mobile glitch!






Thanks for all the support everyone! I got the High-res map halfway paid off which was really my only goal LOL. This is a fantastic community to receive such support within just a few days!


To answer one inquiry, here is a sample page outlining the 4 Milestone Paths available in Salvation.


Thanks so much everyone, I was able to get the map paid off!! As a thank you, I’ll try to write a couple of free bonus adventures or something down the road. I’ll make sure to post them when that happens!


Not needed, but you made a fine product. We need to support each other, but you provided a fun…well useful addition. Not to say it’s not fun to play, it’s just not a fun setting. And you kept to it, and expounded on it.


Hey @Kindred. I downloaded my copy today, and I love what I see so far. I’m neck-deep in the last third of my Ghost Mountain campaign, so I probably won’t use much of it this go-round, but your work sure does get the creative juices flowing!

Quick question: what software did you use to make this? How did you make the border?


@Kindred I gave this a quick scan through several months back when it was first released, and got all excited for it. Rereading today, got worked up again. Love what you’ve added to the toolbox here.

Especially since I’ve finally made up my mind and announced to the group that the next 3-4 months/sessions are going to be an original Weird Western mini-campaign.

Anywho, just wanted to say thanks again! What a great resource!


Thanks @Andreas, that means a lot to me! In regards to software, I used Photoshop to make everything including the border.

I’m glad you enjoyed reading @Lon! I’m excited for your mini-campaign, hope it goes smoothly.

Thanks so much for your guy’s support!


@Kindred, I am saying the same thing Lon said…but I’ll take one up on that. I will be incorporating some of these aspects into my upcoming game.

This is a really good fun book. I should have focused on it earlier…but Time is a weird thing.

Thank you so much for doing this!!!


@Paxx, Knowing that you’re a RPG veteran, that’s a huge compliment so thanks!! I did my best to make it work in cohesion with Ghost Mountain so I hope you enjoy any content that you take from it.
PS. Time is strange, always remember we are living in the “good old days” right now!


For anyone who has purchased Road to Salvation, I added some .zip files with digital character tokens and a new thematic hero coin, and printable standees and hero coins. Hope someone finds use in these.