Road to Oasis: Warpath (ICRPG Blood and Snow)



Greetings, Shields. If you guys haven’t ventured over to the Alfmarches Discord server lately, I heartily encourage you to do so. GM CLOAK has put together an amazing Ice Age campaign game entitled “Road to Oasis,” and drafted an absolutely stellar campaign guide and rules expansion that brings Master Edition’s Blood and Snow setting to its fullest realization. The campaign narrative is engaging, and the stories that form the framework for the game support all pillars of play in the hobby. This limited-arc campaign is a series of one-shots tied together with shared world events and downtime activities, and the drama is reaching fever pitch as the game celebrates its midpoint this week. I am GMing another game, “Road to Oasis: Warpath,” on Thursday evening next week (3/30 18:00 PDT (6PM)). Character creation is simple and straightforward, and individual games can be joined on an ad hoc basis with no further commitment to the campaign activities. Drop in over on Alfmarches and see for yourself what sorts of adventure await!


What’s better than a Game of Thrones? A Game of Stones and Bones! As our people flee from encroaching blizzard conditions and cross over the mountain range known to the Tribe as the Bear’s Teeth, we descend into disputed border territories, where six fractious clans vie for political supremacy and the control of land and resources. With the threat of all-out war looming large, allies must be chosen carefully, and mistakes will be paid for in blood. The Tribe’s survival will hinge on the correct discernment of friend from foe as we attempt to walk the narrow path of peace on the road to Oasis…

[Designed for 3 to 6 players, scheduling subject to change. DM me to join in the fun…]


With enough interest I will spawn a second session +/- 24 hours from this scheduled time




You are a surgeon.

Your surgical staff wheels in a patient on a gurney, prepped for kidney surgery, and a nurse carries in a red cooler containing a kidney in cryostasis. He sets it next to you and preps the organ for transplant, along with your surgical tray, as the anesthesiologist sees that the patient goes under. You check your records and see that, after failed emergency dialysis, this patient is desperate for a new kidney, and the haplotype on the donor organ is an appropriate match.

“I remove his spleen.”

OK, but the patient is dying from renal failure.

“Nat 20! I remove his spleen.”

The patient is still dying.

“Yeah, but I totally removed this dude’s spleen! Check it out!”

Still dying.

“What? Why?! That splenectomy was in record time! And just look at those sutures…”

Still dying.

“This is bullshit.”

Still dying. The patient’s vitals are turning thready after the strain of the splenectomy.

“I went to Harvard, damn it!”

Still dying.


About to die.

“I deck my surgical nurse and then run from the operating room…”