Road to Oasis: The Wind Who Walks (ICRPG Blood and Snow)




Greetings, Shield Wall. Looking to recruit a few more brave hunters and warriors full of Pleistocene pluck to serve as advanced scouts foraging for resources on Thursday morning March 2 as the Tribe embarks on its long and arduous journey toward the promised land. This quest is part of Week 2 in GM CLOAK’s new Blood and Snow limited-arc campaign—entitled “Road to Oasis”—on the infamous Alfmarches Discord server.


This will be an early morning game in most US time zones, with a three-hour estimated run time to allow us to get in a full gaming session ahead of typical real-life workweek commitments. CLOAK has put a tremendous amount of worthwhile effort into laying the ground rules for this campaign setting, extending the already-dynamic Master Edition rules for Blood and Snow’s Ice Age adventures, and this second week is a great time to see what it’s all about. No future commitment to the Road to Oasis campaign is required to join and participate in this game.

The pitch…

A hunting party from the Tribe scouts a frozen, wide-open plain near the treacherous coastline, as the sojourners begin their journey on the road to Oasis across the Broken Ice. There they find the promise of much-needed resources and possible allies, but to reap these bounties they must brave the forbidden lands of the mysterious and deadly entity the locals call the Wind Who Walks…

Please DM me ASAP with your interest. I will be cross-posting this listing elsewhere on the interwebs and taking players on a first come-first served basis. If the game becomes full, I will take a small number of reserve players, just in case we are able to include them. You will need to join the Alfmarches Discord server for this event; VTT service will be with the free, no-sign-up Index Card Virtual Tabletop (ICVTT), and voice comms will be over Discord (no camera required).

Thanks for your interest. See you out on the ice…


UPDATE: We may have one open seat for this game, owing to a potential schedule conflict that may arise for one of the players. Grab your spot at the top of the reserve list, and we will resolve your participation in The Wind Who Walks within 24 hours of the time of this post. Thanks for your interest!