Road to Oasis: Mammoth Consequences (ICRPG Blood and Snow)



Potential reserve players can contact me via DM or on Discord.

Greetings, Shield Wall. Looking to recruit a few brave hunters full of Pleistocene pluck to embark on an epic pursuit on Friday morning March 24 as the Tribe continues its long and arduous journey toward the promised land. This quest is part of Week 5 in GM CLOAK’s new Blood and Snow limited-arc campaign—entitled “Road to Oasis”—on the infamous Alfmarches Discord server.

This will be an early morning game in most US time zones, with an estimated 3- to 4-hour (max) run time to allow us to get in a full gaming session. CLOAK has put a tremendous amount of worthwhile effort into laying the ground rules for this campaign setting, extending the already-dynamic Master Edition rules for Blood and Snow’s Ice Age adventures, and this midpoint week is a great time to see what it’s all about. No future commitment to the Road to Oasis campaign is required to join and participate in this game.

The pitch…

Travel has been hard on the road to Oasis, despite the Tribe’s strength of spirit. Procuring the necessary resources to maintain the Tribe’s well being during the long journey has been a constant struggle. Dangers and disease have begun to claim lives, and the route ahead is expected to be fraught with peril.

Today a pair of scouts has returned to the Tribe with promising news after sighting a sizable herd of revered and elusive mammoths. For younger members of the Tribe, these woolly, gargantuan browsing beasts are only the stuff of stories told around the campfire, often accompanied by the wild claims of more seasoned, well-traveled hunters clinging to bits of hairy hide and ivory as proof. Mammoths could provide the Tribe with abundant resources of many kinds, but their reputation as dangerous quarry looms as large as they are.

Harvesting even one mammoth could have significant consequences for the Tribe on its journey, providing a wealth of benefits and security in hard times. Only the bravest and most skilled members of the Tribe will return from a mammoth hunt in one piece and bearing the spoils. Who will step forward to face these legendary creatures?

Please DM me ASAP with your interest. I will be cross-posting this listing elsewhere on the interwebs and taking players on a first come-first served basis. You will need to join the Alfmarches Discord server for this event; VTT service will be with ICVTT, and voice comms will be over Discord (no camera required).

Thanks for your interest.

New to ICRPG

I wish. I have jury duty on that day.


Dammit. I have work. I would have LOVED to get in on this.


Well, the good news is that there will be five more weeks of one-shot adventures within this Ice Age campaign, so come join the Alfmarches server and find one that fits your schedule. CLOAK has laid amazing groundwork, and the players, new and old, are all aces. You won’t be disappointed.

I have three players confirmed currently, and I am working my way through an inbox full of queries this morning. I can take three additional players for certain, and I will have a short list of reserves as well, so DM me if you think this game could work out.



Get up, gut up, and show us what you’re made of as a player.

Can your cave-dwelling Cro-Mag with nothing but a musky pelt, a nose bone, and a pointy stick take down one of the most dangerous prey animals ever to walk the earth?

Come game with us Friday morning and find out.



Potential reserve players can contact me via DM or on Discord.