Ring Blader Character Type



A custom character based on a series of weapon master character types! The Ring Blader uses these Giant epic Hoop Ring to Chop up enemies and perform the art of dance! Coming Soon: Fan Dancer, Greatsword Master, and the Shield Knight. Classes focused on bring out the full potential of their weapons. I hope you get use out of the Ring Blader and if you do please come back to me with your stories!

Note i do not own any art nor am I trying to make any profit off this. I found these photos on google images with no credits attached.

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Very interesting and unique character type! Everything looks solid except the Fancy Footwork ability seems a bit underpowered compared to Dead Ringer and Captivating Rhythm (I would likely not choose that because of this). Perhaps making it something like a martial strike doing BASIC EFFORT where a failure yields a second attempt (not a HARD roll)?


Rereading it the next day , Ill say your right. I meant to make this an ability you could choose to activate. And it would enable people to come up with ridiculous roleplay flavor with it. Like swingwing the rings with your feet. Theres also a few milestones described as dances that could be argued as footwork. But I think I’ll try to make it something a little more straight foward


It does feel like it is possibly connected to other mechanics, abilities, etc… but there were none that I could see listed. So, at face value it seemed like it may need a little TLC.


Made a change. Changed the Starting Ability: Fancy Footwork (When attempting an action involving your feet and/or legs, you choose Roll HARD, on fail you can make a second attempt).

New Starting Ability: * Effort Beats Talent: Once per Round when failing a roll, you can roll Basic Effort and add the result to your attempt.




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