RIFTS World Primer for ICRPG



RIFTS the ICRPG World Primer - Community Conversion Project

Art by Chuck Walton

Okay my fellow weido’s… Ezzerharden here… calling for some help! Lets make this a community project…
I have been wanting to convert Palladium’s RIFTS over to ICRPG for over a year now, and I have little to show for it! Who would like to give me a hand!?! @Lakins @Runehammer @GMagnus @Lon @Murder_Hobo_Show and anyone else with a taste for RIFTS… I want you! …

Here is a link to the Google Doc with the latest info… ICRPG WORLD PRIMER: RIFTS


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Ran/played a LOT of RIfts back in the 90s … such a lampoon system and setting. I even backed/got Savage Rifts when it came out but my group was too far gone in 5E to care. BIG issue is that typically Palladium squashes fan made content to “protect” their IP … which is why you never see much in the way of RIFT character generator or the like online.

I think you’re going to far afield in trying to do a 1-for-1 conversion with everything. I would think concentrating on the things that make the setting then expanding - which for my two bit are Crazies, Juicers, Dogboys, Glitterboys, technomancers, etc . Heck I’d probably leave out all the CS until you get farther down the line.

Also ICRPG Magic will be a big help for spells I think - steal from the core as much as you can rather than reinventing things.

Still overall it looks good.


I agree with you about concentrating on classes and core Rifts… but i gave this a break causr Savage RIFTS newest kickstarter is starting April 16th! 3 new books and a rewrite of the core books for Savage RIFTS. Woot…so excited…