RHVTT is transforming into ICVTT


Hey shields,

RHVTT is transforming a bit and moving to a new appearence. The concept of the VTT stays the same, but some changes are made due to various reasons. I don’t want to bother you with details, so here’s a bullet list for you:

  • it’s now a community effort with additional people being involved (also starring @KaneDriscol)
  • GMs login will be independent from patreon. In replacement, you can login with google. But we’re working on a broader login mechanism right now (@skippy has got some good ideas here)
  • It will stay accessible for everyone. No paid accounts, no crap.

It’ll get a new server and domain shortly. The old VTT will vanish on Oct 4th but the new one will be available within fewer days. So you will be able to export your RHVTT games and reimport them into ICVTT.

We’ll notify you when you can start importing your games to ICVTT.


ICVTT is Here!

I don’t even know if I should be happy or sad!


Be happy! Hank’s vision for a simple to use VTT has grown into a community supported project. Hank planted a seed, and it took root. And the new VTT won’t be a drain on Hank’s wallet. LOL!


Rebirth is always bittersweet. My reaction is an acknowledgment of all that Glocke has managed to accomplish on his own.


I eagerly await this as there are so many one-shots and not enough people in town to play with.


Thanks. The next iteration has more contributions by the community - I love that!


I’m looking forward to checking this out! Thank you to all who have made the effort to make this happen!


Thanks to you and the rest of the team keeping this great resource moving forward.


Is there a way to download and run either version of this vtt offline? Perhaps on a USB server like XAMPP? I spend a lot of times in rural areas or areas with crap internet.


It’s runnable as a Docker container, and you could host it on local network by IP address, probably.


Heck, you don’t even need Docker. It’s a Python script so you can just run it natively on your computer.


Exactly. The code can be downloaded for free here: https://github.com/cgloeckner/pyvtt
If you’re going for selfhosting it: when you’re familiar with port forwarding, you can do it :slight_smile:
PM me if you have questions


Could you please help me run it and run it to host, please again? :star_struck:


What have you tried, and in what way did that not work? PM me or @glocke or hit us up on Discord and we can help you.