RFE: Kath Chapter 6 Snakevill



Join us as we go to snakevill deep under the desert of Kath… Alex our DM rocked the house leading a great game, I’m so happy to be a part of this! Come join us!

Special thanks to all the usual suspects… Alex, Dave, Joe, Hank, and Matt… you guys are better then the A team.


In over 400 hours of online gaming, I can’t remember a night like this one. We were all blown away.


I cried like a baby when ya’ll… well no spoliers :tired_face:


Yeah I was getting chocked up and emotional when that went down, it was tough trying not to break out into a sobbing ball on youtube once it sunk in… Just wait until you see next week’s release.


I love when characters go right up to that edge but manage to persevere. Those are the best moments in gaming, imho.

The snakemen threat was real. And he really could have died. I was prepared to let the dice end the campaign right there. Even after all the hard work on the finale maps.


I long to play with a group as synergized as this one. You guys are an Example of how relations in game can be built strong and complex even when there is Alot of action going on non stop


Yes, though you should have seen some of the RP happening in the chat. The interaction between these characters was truly amazing.


Those rolls! First, I am not real inclined to watch a game. Don’t do Twitch. Have yet to play a virtual tabletop game.
THIS! This was edge-of-my-seat, holy-shit-I-can’t-believe-it, freekin’ drama! DAY-UM! I was laughing and slapping my forehead just like the players. Still can’t believe it.

My new mission in life is to recruit some DnDers to play a game of ICRPG. Thanks for sharing.