Retuned Weapons Link?


Hey, I’ve been reading Retuned, planning a Altered State game and generally getting into cyberpunk. Hank mentions “Weapon Links“ in Retuned. Could anyone enlighten me on what they are or is it one of them intentionally left unexplained things?
Thanks :pray:


I think he may be referring to the Targeting Link Implant… Check the Altered State Rulebook, Loot Table #50.


Throughout RETUNE, weapon links, reflex links and the like are mentioned. I imagined a very small stick-on or neural implant that gives the user a kinetic intuition for the weapons location and orientation. You could ‘catch it without looking’ with such a link, adding a heightened skill with the weapon


I knew there must have been something intended! Thanks for the explanation! :+1:
ALSO! Is there any Altered State actual plays on YouTube that anyone knows about? I’d love to watch a play though of a ICRPG cyberpunk :grin: