Resist rolls and muscle rolls?


In the section about hero statuses it mentions resist rolls and muscle rolls. Are these to be done as flat rolls? If so, any guidance on setting a target?



A flat roll, if it’s available in a situation, is a target 6. Otherwise the target is their Skill value. Both skilled and unskilled are also subject to difficulty modifiers as normal.

It’s also totally fine to call for a Crit or nothing roll, or even not allowing a roll without the proper skill.


Ugg… I’m going to stop making posts/asking questions before I dig back through the books first lol. The thought of those being a skill didn’t even occur to me. In my head, when I read “resist” I was thinking saving roll lol.


No worries, amigo. It’s still new and everyone is reading and learning. Ask all the questions you need to, we’re all here to help each other out.