Request for Future Editions of ICRPG



Hey Everyone!

I’m getting my game ready for ICRPG (made over 100 monsters :D!) and I’ve moved on to looking at Magic.

If I could make a request for future editions of the game.

Could Magic in future editions be 1). More consistent between the Loot Tables and the Character Creation Section (a.k.a. Mind Trap, Resurrection, Shrink Ray etc.) 2). More consistent between Spells at a given level (Disruptor Ray seems busted on page 339 compared to other level one spells).

It’s just a request because I can fix the issues as I see them, but it’s taking a lot of time, and as a purchaser of your really amazing product this is a little frustrating to be honest. I think more consistency would really help make the product better in the future!

That said, believe me when I say I’m still stoked to play :slight_smile:


Per Hank, ME is the last version. There won’t be a new one. It is what it is.


Ah well. C’est la vie.


Even if Hank would want to revisit ICRPG in the future, just don’t expect consistency from him. He doesn’t work like that; he has a very loose style both in his writing and his artwork.

In contrast, I want consistency in my work and my books reflect that. If you want consistency and well calculated spells or feats, check out my books.

Just to note, neither approach is better or worse from a creative standpoint since we are not doing engineering work or something similar that needs precision. These styles are just different.


I can vouch for Khan’s work @DimtheQuiet21 . You should check out Kahns spells and feats books on Drivethru. I have them both in print and they are excellent for inspiration and setting up a little more structure in your magic and feats.


It is the last version of the System.

He is making more world settings and products that can be plugged into Master edition though.

Such as his latest work, “Hard Suit.”