I seem to be unable to un-pin the default pinned items on the main page. Folks on the Discord chat indicate that they can and have unpinned them.

The pin icon on the pinned posts is not interactive for me. If I click it, nothing happens.

I’m using Firefox with uBlock Origin (no ads reported!), Privacy Badger (no trackers reported!), and Decentraleyes.

Should I be able to unpin these items? Did the other folks just roll better on their effort? :grinning:


Is there a way to eliminate one’s account?


Hey, hate to see you go, but sure thing. Just shoot me a direct message, and I’ll delete it.


Idk if this is a bug but I can’t seem to post a new topic? I don’t have the button anymore. Unless the ui changed or something, I’m not sure.


I got you @Lawson_Leong. Two shakes.