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When I’m in a thread and I’m clicking the gray arrow (underneath the Runehammer name) to go back to the ‘front’ page of the forum, it brings me to a random page I’ve visited in the past in this browser tab (it has already brought me to google, to my achievements, to the front page of the forum, to another thread). I think it might be bugged :sweat_smile:

In google chrome


Maybe a bug, not sure: Is it by design that the front page topics don’t contain the topic creator’s name? I don’t see a name, at least on mobile (Safari) and I was just curious. Personally I’d like to see who created a topic before clicking on it.


Yes that’s a bug we plan to add both the name and the profile picture of the author of the article. The mobile view is still a work in progress.


Yes that’s a buggy back button :smile:


When i click on an heart of an article on the front page, the article is automatically loaded. I don’t if this is a bug but i would rather stay on the front page. ^^


Whomever set up the DNS forgot to add a www record from the looks of things, hence why doesn’t hook up - you need yourself an A record for www pointing to


@chrisrio Hank just goof’d when giving out the URL. It really shouldn’t be, just


What browser are you using?


Tor Browser , Privacy come first. :slight_smile: (or at least i try)


Y’all posting in the locked Stress Testing forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get that the first icon in the list is the author, ok - pretty subtle and not necessarily unique. Also, I think the posts that @Runehammer makes need stick out from others, especially since some people have similar avatar icons. Maybe a different colored frame, or something. I think this helps with the “unofficial vs. official” content issue.




Lemme know what you think of the new update

Yeah I’m pretty sure tor doesn’t have javascript enabled and that feature is a javascripty thing


So I don’t think this is exactly a bug, but if there has been a change recently to the user interface on mobile posts are super hard to read. Between the background picture and black text, I have to highlight text to read what is there.


Yes that’s a bug, I’m working on fixing it right now. Sorry!


Oh its all good things come and go with a newer site. Good luck!


Ok ok, that is fine. ^^
Thank you for your work, the forum is really cool. ^^


Thanks! What do you think of the latest iteration? Hopefully easier to navigate and read.