Refreshed ICRPG House Rules: Incorporating some Hard Suit



Ok, on Discord and here in the forums AC linked his house rules recently, and it inspired me to revisit my own house rules. After another session was canceled by my Sunday night group yesterday, I used that time to shore up, add some things(some inspired by AC, and some Hard Suit stuff) and redo my document. I also created a binder with maps of Alfheim and Atria(I’ve decided I want Atria to be another continent on Urth), various name banks, and various tables I like to use from TBH, DCC, Low Fantasy Gaming, and Maze Rats for encounters, NPC generation, among other odds and ends. I also created a second binder with monster print outs from TBH, TBH:Classic Monsters, Master Edition, Hard Suit, and Low Fantasy Gaming for a kind of diy hacked Monster Manual if you will(plan on adding in the unique monsters from EZD6 today as well ;).

In the spirit of sharing, here is a link to the google doc for my particulars related to house rules, and maybe it might inspire some of you as well. Thanks again to AC for the inspiration!


I only get the first page, Google says there an error loading more pages.


Must of been a weird glitch, the whole doc is there. If you try again and have no luck, let me know and I’ll upload it again.


Do your house rules have any table time/play testing?


That’s a tricky question to answer haha.

Some of them do, yes, as I’ve been growing the doc over time. But some of the new stuff I added, in particular the Hard Suit milestones and abilities, have not had any table time yet.

My game Blood and Gold grew from my ICRPG House rules, so you could say that in some aspects this is an alternate version of what Blood and Gold could have looked like if I went Milestone abilities instead of levels.

I plan on running this set of rules in a few weeks when my EZD6 game ends.

I will mention that I typically run Target 12 for all my ICRPG(and derivative) games, and just use Easy/Hard or other modifiers to increase difficulty for certain situations and enemies.