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what’s Hapenin’?

One of the Morally De FunKt

Looking folks to get low down n dirty with …
(Oh wait this ain’t that forum…)

Got myself a wee writing gig.
Been working with …
Miguel Ribeiro & Silvia Clemente.

This has been on the go since April.
Produced heaps of resources,
They can all be used easily
with any game you’re running.

( know you folks got a thing for OSR
Along With your I.C)

All the Red Room stuff
Available on the following Print On Demand/ P.D.F services.

P.o.D’s are an A5 Format for the win.
( wish more folks did that)

Anyhow … The Wretched Verse
has been spawned

core books include

A Wretched Fantasy,
( The Dark and Dangerous black comedic world of Antillia ,)

We got various supplements for this
Pirates, Mutants, scenarios,
Every packed full of stuff.

Westerns .(The moody Spaghetti ones!! )
Includes a twisty Scenario.

Époque … Nouveaux Punk with
( a Lovecraftian twist )

Wretchploitation ( 1960’s - 1970’s
(A VHS Video Nasty / Grind House
style of Role-playing)

Zombies Island Resort Massacre
Double feature
Haunted House
vampire scenario … Just been released

Think all in All we have well over 20
Unique scenarios resources & Suplements
and many more on the way.

Wretched New Flesh being the latest.
That will drop v soon.
Quick Start is already out.
A Bruoughsian Dystopia
With a Cronenbergerian twist

Proud as Heck that three of these have gone copper

One product didn’t get passed the censors
on Drivethru
It’s a Wretchploitation scenario
featuring Demons, murder and mayhem
(You can go pick it up
On and Ko though
Ironically it’s a tribute to Hellraiser
Lord knows what a fuss that one made.)

Got a zine on the go … Deviants & Dirty Deeds, that focuses
Various aspects of RPG’s.
Issue 1 … Heavily features Antillia
Issue 2 … Enhances Epoque quite a bit.
Issue 3 currently pending
All the core books Heavily influenced by B.X Mechanics

Here’s something you Lumpy Shield
Men & Maidens are gonna love.

Covering all sorts Genres / Sub Genres
Fantasy, Scifi, Cosmic Horror,
If this sounds like something you can
vibe with, and want to get creating / collaborating
Or just want to find out more.

Check out … Red Room Publishing

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Stay Dangerously safe…

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