Red Mage Augment Table


I’m running the Molok Madness campaign for a couple of players. After a TPK in the Machines of Molok room, I needed a way to drop them right back into the action.

I decided to use the timer mechanic from the Marauder room. So every round, a ghoul drops into the room from one of 4 chutes.

I had the players wake up on an assembly line where robotic arms powered by the will of the Red Mage ripped them apart and welded them back together. (I cleared it with my players beforehand, if everyone enjoys a little body horror, it’s a lot of fun, if not, tone this part down). I created this d20 Augment Table to give them some cool powers, and give them some clues about what the Red Mage is up to.

  1. Roll on the BIZARRE or SHABBY LOOT table.
  2. Rubber Joints: Move through any space larger than your skull.
  3. Vestigial Arm: This extra limb bats away attacks. +1 DEF
  4. Enlarged cranium: +1 INT
  5. Eye in a random location: +1 perception.
  6. Natural Weapon: Antlers, tusks, claws, or tail hit for WEAPON EFFORT
  7. Goat legs: +2 DEX
  8. Bearskin: grow thick fur, +2 CON
  9. Animal Mind: Roll INT communicate with an animal.
  10. Cat Ears: grafted to your skull, these ears make Perception rolls EASY,
  11. Blaster melded to random location: DEVICE EFFORT
  12. JUMP KIT: Legs replaced with a spring loaded device that allows you to leap FAR and act.
  13. Roll on the CURSED LOOT table.
  14. Modular: Gain CREATE DEVICE spell. Roll INT to transform into any device.
  15. BIO-SCANNER: HUD, scans for heat signatures danger +3 WIS
  16. CURSED BLADE: MAGIC EFFORT, + 1 point of Eldritch Rot for 1d12 rounds.
  17. DEMON TAIL: DEX rolls always EASY.
  18. VICIOUS TENTACLE: When you take damage, this tentacle lashes out at a random NEAR target. MAGIC EFFORT.
  19. VOID: Your psyche is broken and unbroken by the horrors you experience. +4 INT

I gave them 5 rounds, and roll a save or get augmented. After their trip on the assembly line was complete, they got dumped into the room where the Marauder of Molok was under construction.

It really amped up the horror aspect of the dungeon, and once they figured out the modifications were giving them cool abilities it amped up the action as well.

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