Reading Kings of the Wyld...and you should give it a try!



I’m about 1/3 of the way through this book and thought I’d give a recommendation to the other lumpy heads here at Runehammer.

in short…it’s a bunch of old RPG style characters going on one last adventure.

(So far), I find myself jotting down a bunch of the worldbuilding tid-bits that the author sprinkles in.

Fun action, funny moments and dialogue, interesting new bioforms and great writing!

The author also has a ‘soundtrack’ (playlist on his website and spotify) for the book all based on music from the 70s!

I’m gonna get back to reading!


Absolutely loved this book and the one that came after about Bloody Rose. Really well done, fairly true to the rpg genre in many ways and super unique in its world building, character creation, weapon invention, spells and monsters… the works. I keep hoping someone will take all his info and create a world for us to play in. I highly recommend the books


I think this French cover best captures how I envisioned the members of the band. Nailed it


It is so close to basic dungeons and dragons (creature types) that I think a few homebrew changes would be easy enough. But a full on supplement would be fabulous!


Great book. I laughed out loud several times.


Me too. And not just saying that. It actually caused me to put the book down and laugh a minute or two. Did this a couple times. More in the first book than the 2nd though.


@ScottyRoberts Yeah I am having a hard time finishing #2. I am currently reading Damoren by Seth Skorkowsky. He is a YouTube dnd guy. So far very much enjoying the book.


I just started Bloody Rose and am loving it so far, but I gotta say this is my favorite fantasy book in recent memory.

Funny thing, I was just thinking the other day that ICRPG would be the perfect system to simulate it’s world.