Has anyone adapted this for ICRPG??


Nope, thought about it briefly, but then realized my players wouldn’t care much for it.


The setting or specifically Curse of Strahd or something?

If I had my time back I would be running my CoS 5e game in ICRPG.


Either one I guess. I like the idea minus the 5e rules but I’m trying to grab smaller parts of it to play for my son when he gets a little older. Just enjoy building terrain so was wondering if anyone ICRPG fixed it lol


I think it would be pretty easy to run Curse of Strahd with ICRPG. It’s a very modular adventure. Just off the top of my head you could do Death House, Old Bonegrinder, Castle Ravenloft, or many other areas as stand alone pieces and get to build great terrain for them.


I am planning to do it at some stage. Would be very interested to hear about other people’s experience of doing it


My idea, as I am painting the minis, is too make a dream team of vampire hunters. A little bit of underworld/van helsing meets Witcher. I have been painting minis and plan to make a bunch of dungeon tiles and walls, torches, etc. I have to figure our the why and how. I want to have them have to find an object to get into ravenloft, then find the artifact which protects Strahd, but he can’t use so he hides it in his castle protected by his minions. We will see as I make terrain I write things down to complete the story


When I finish my current CoS 5e game I want to write up a system neutral supplement (Probably in line with 5e Hardcore Mode and ICRPG) for CoS.

I have been running this campaign for over two years (admittedly we don’t get to play every week) and I am finding that it is dragging out a lot because there is so much to do. So I was thinking it would be cool to make a supplement that forces the campaign to be shorter and more focused; you start in Madem Eva’s wagon, she has called everyone here to stand against Strahd. In one months time (on the full moon) he will be at his full power. She does a card reading and sends the players off across the valley to find the hidden items they will need to kill him (None will be in the castle).

I have a bunch of ideas but I think the time limit will force characters to make some hard choices; do they head to A or B? Do they save this person or help out that town instead? And of Course Strahd will appear a few times to taunt the players. I figure that he has awoken from a century long slumber so the Barovian’s don’t really know much about him as much more than a legendary figure. He will start out as an old man but get younger and more powerful the more people he feeds on as the players advance.

Anyway. I have been making notes, will likely come to the Shieldwall for help with fleshing this out.

Oh and one other thought; as [kzeng98] mentioned I think it would be cool for the adventurers to be a team of vampire hunters. Players can create their own characters OR choose some of the cool NPC’s from the module (Ireena, Ismark, Ezmerelda, Van Richten, etc). Each NPC will probably have a fun hook built in and a special feature.


Wow. Very good stuff. I like the idea of the characters. One of my female leads will have golden gauntlets given to her by her parents (legendary vampire hunter’s) before they gave her away to protect her. These gauntlets, in the presence of pure evil, will squeeze when they detect evil and add a +1 to her axe attack I want to develop the team so each have something special which makes them a great team of vampire hunters.


That really is an excellent idea! I don’t normally like the idea of “balanced” parties but this could be a great opportunity to build a dream team as you said; each person could have different special skills to take down Strahd, like in a heist movie.

Another thing I will write up is that each character will have a deep dark secret for the other players to discover.


ARC…exactly. However, I will make the monsters/Strahd very hard to beat. Meaning there is a way to defeat each encounter. It will not be straight up, more thinking/team work. I like the idea of a dark past too. Have to think about that one.


Is there a document we can all edit? Maybe come up with ideas and blend them together to offer everyone else who would be interested?


I can start something up. I will get back to you and we can post the idea to flesh it out.