Random Loot Table in Google Sheets


I did something kind of cool at least for me. I wanted a way to quickly look up and hand out loot so I created a Google Sheet to do it. I copied the loot and then used a simple formula to randomly pick a line and display it. I then added a check box to work as a button that allows me to click to randomly pick another one! It’s so cool.

I cannot share my file with the community but if you have the PDF’s you can easily create your own.

Here is the formula: =INDEX(A1:A100,RANDBETWEEN(1,100))



Ah, nicely done! Thanks for sharing the formula :+1:


I modified your formula so that you do not have to change it every time you enter a new position in the column where you keep the data. Thanks to this, the formula itself calculates the number of items and gives you a random result :). Important: I keep my first row for column name.



thanks for the spreadsheet goodness, can certainly see many ways this can be useful