Quick question on acid whetstone



item, sharpen a bladed weapon, successful attacks with that weapon destroy 1 enemy gear.

How do/would you folks run this item as it does seem really strong. Is it one use? Because if not couldn’t I sharp every member of the groups 3 equipped weapons (provided they’re sharp).

I’m thinking Raw but one use only


I mean what if your enemies don’t have gear, it’s not that OP then.

Rather than limit the use of the stone, why not do something like the acid damages the weapon over time. introduce some risk/reward. yes perhaps next battle it will do crazy stuff but from then on it does -1 damage.

Would you then really want to use that on other awesome bladed weapons if it would ruin them in the long run.


Ooooo nice idea…
On a Nat1 the weapon is now - 1 effort
On a Nat20 enemy loses 1 gear.

That will do i reckon. Everyone could have it, but like you said, it’s weighing up the risk.


Id make it on hit the target’s armor gets -3 and doesn’t stack personally.


Up to the table. But if used as written…sharpen “a” bladed weapon. It is single use…personally I’d allow them to change it from one weapon to another…but it is probably a bit OP. So one weapon just works.

As to enemies not having gear??? Perhaps not on their stat block, but fangs and claws…or attack types? There is plenty to reduce a creature hit by hit. Slowly reducing all weapons they have.