Quests for Kids during the covid 19 outbreak



Awesome! Let me know how it goes and if you find anything janky about them. I have no idea if they will be any good or not but somethings better than nothing for the kiddos right?


Hey @Looten,

Sorry I have not gotten back, things have gone a git sideways. I finally had a chance to give the first quest a go. The dice were against me and I managed to take down one goblin but died in the 6th round.

Something I did notice in both quests is that you may have left out the chance for Loot.

How did these go over with your students?


No problem! It’s been busy for us all so don’t sweat it. The few who got back to me on it enjoyed it but mentioned how different it felt without a DM, which is fair since enemy AI is always tricky to pin down. As for the loot the intent was at the end of their first attempt they were to write me a summary of what they did and how things went as a writing assignment. I had mentioned to them to make sure they told me everything they did; if they chose to break boxes or check chests and took the time to write to me that they did I would reward them with loot for their next quest. That was when we were supposed to be getting work back weekly so I could check responses and pin a note saying what they got when I handed them quest 3 and so on. Things changed and we are just now able to get to the first weeks work so unfortunately that didn’t allow for that. Thank you so much for trying things out and I hope you enjoyed it! That means a lot to me. I love the screen shot too!


Thanks for the explanation but more importantly thanks for being a teacher that is willing to offer his students more than just the curriculum.

Stay well.


Absolutely, they deserve it. We are hoping to start on Roll20 at some point but we need to make sure all of our kiddos have access to a computer and internet.


MAJOR KUDOS to you, Mr. Looten, for putting this together for the students. This is awesome! (I know I’m late to the party) As some others have suggested, Lasers and Feelings is a great 1-page RPG to accomplish what you need. You could also check out Roll for Shoes if ICRPG and the card adaptation doesn’t work so well. It only has 6 rules! And it REALLY encourages imagination and creativity since no one knows exactly what type of character they’re playing until they’re playing it.


Thank you I really appreciate and I will absolutely check it out! That sounds awesome.