QUESTION-Availability of ICRPG Master and Collector's Edition


Good morning you awesome people! I recently came into some cash and thought I’d pull the trigger on a physical copy of the Collector’s Edition of ICRPG from Modiphius. Unfortunately I see the Collector’s Ed. is currently sold out, and the Master’s Ed. has “stock coming soon”. I also see the Collector’s Ed. has an “email me when back in stock” button. So here’s my question, are there plans to print more of the Collector’s edition? If yes, any idea on timeframe?

Thanks in advance!


I haven’t heard any word myself on when another print run of Collector’s edition will happen. Hank has mentioned in his live streams that the Collector’s edition would be in smaller and less frequent runs, so the email notification may be a good way to watch out for them when they pull the trigger on another run. My personal guess though is that it may be a little bit since people are still getting their first-run copies.


hey grey beard… no plan yet on the second run of collectors edition but it wont be soon… it needs to be rare! Maybe summer or so… where did you get the stock coming soon for ICME? it should be in stock…


I saw the “Stock Coming Soon” note on the ICRPG ME entry on Modiphius’ US store page:

I did go ahead and purchase the Master Edition; no problems. The “stock coming” note may just be a hold over from a previous update to the product’s entry.

Thanks for checking in!


Any updates on a reprint? Modiphius messed up both my preorders of the collector’s edition (one for me and one for a friend of mine. I waited almost a year!), so I’m stuck in a bad situation where i can’t purchase it anywhere else because so much time has passed, but I also won’t receive my preorder.

#7 returned my funds despite my request to hold them until a new run was out.
Any chance a reprint of the collector’s edition is happening this year? I do have the right amount on the credit card…

I can’t even describe my disappointment.


The last info I got from Modiphius (I asked on their Discord-server in February) was that they “do not have plans to print any more collectors edition at this time.” If you wanted a hardcover book of ICRPG I’d say go for the regular edition (which should be restocked). The POD softcover-version is also really great (and really cheap).


As of this morning (at the time of this post) Modiphius claims there are 53 copies of the Master Edition hardback—NOT the Collector’s Edition, just the regular one, which has been hard enough to get—in stock in their US web store and ready to ship.