Question about the "hoard" of the Lapis Maze in Eyes of Sett~



1: Hoard: The Lapis Maze features a Hoard. Make this sting, but make it fun to hack through. Each mummified corpse has 1 HP. For their attack, do a normal roll. For each point they succeed beyond the TARGET, roll 1D4 damage! These are the numerous claws and ragged teeth closing in! How many are there? More than can be killed.

Hey there, I’ve got a question about this quote, directly from the book. It’s blocking my mind from continuing my work on this adventure! I’d appreciate a response: who are “they” in this quote? The players? The Shamblers?

For each point the players succeed beyond the TARGET, they roll an additional 1D4 damage or is it the Shamblers? And if it is the Shamblers, does that mean that the HORDE of Shamblers roll only once or multiple times? That seems overpowered and they could take down a player every turn!!


Hey Blazing! Here is how I’d run the shambling horde.

The horde is an ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECT to be avoided, not a foe to be fought. Each corpse has 1 HP, but you really shouldn’t be tracking that - that is only there such that, should the players somehow engage with ONLY a few of them, you know how to run it. As a horde, they don’t “fight” that - they avoid it.

The Horde, as a unit, only rolls one attack roll. Assuming they hit the Target (which might be the player’s AC, or a set value if you want to use a different chance of hitting), they do normal Basic Effort (d4 damage). For every point they roll above their target, they do an additional +d4 damage.

Example: If the player’s Armor is 14, and the Horde rolls a 16, they do d4 (base), +2d4 (2 over the target) damage = 3d4 damage.

Yes, the horde can certainly take down a player every turn if they roll well. That’s why you should telegraph the danger of the HORDE, and get the players looking for other solutions - such as sneaking.

Anyway, that’s how I intended this scene to function when I designed it. :slight_smile: Do what you will!


Alright, thanks for the answer. :3


@Runehammer you liked this because I just gave you a terrible iea, haven’t I? :sob: :joy: