Question about Equipment



There are lots of references in the core book (2e, 1.3) and the worlds book to loot that is equipped or carried. The character sheets have check boxes for both options. But there are no rules provided or even suggested for how these terms are used, and how they may lift loot use…
I have found some references in third party resources, but nothing in these main books.

What am I missing???


You’re only able to carry 10 loot, and wear 10 loot. So just use the checkbox to note how it’s being used.


It’s not written in the book but shown on the character sheets. 10 Equipped and 10 Carried is max.
Swapping Between Equip and Carried takes an action and your are allow to Equip 3 Weapons and switch between them as a free action.


but, shouldn’t this be mentioned in the main book? it’s only mentioned on one of the many character sheets that come with the main book. There are loot items that allow you to carry more, or reference your carrying capacity, but it is never spelled out in the main book. With something as important as loot, which is character advancement, it would seem like a HUGE oversight to not address this within the core rules…


where does it start the thing about equipping three weapons? and switching between them???


In the beginning of the Loot chapter I believe

Also, relax a bit. You can do whatever you want with the rules of equipment. It has nothing to do with “balance” and whatnot. Sure there are some things to adress, but we are all here to help anyone new.
You don’t have do follow the rules at all, that’s the soul of it. It’s NOT D&D =D thank the gods


We should start every post with this phrase! … Game On!


Most of us just say 10 equipped loot plus 10 carried, for a total of 20. One could use that limitation, some other limitation, or ignore it altogether. It’s not that big of a deal and only really becomes an issue in a longer campaign when folks are reaching epic level. Ten pieces of gnarly equipped milestones (or epic loot) feels roughly the equivalent of a level 20 character in D&D 5e terms.

I also trust my players to be realistic about it. You can’t wear two helmets, for example, and eventually you run out of equippable locations on a character, so 10 feels about right. But the refrain around here is always, “make ICRPG work for you and your players” and use what you like.


I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be aggressive or anything. Honestly I really like ICRPG, and am in the process of reading all I can about it. It just seemed odd that it was not prominently mentioned.

Also, I am just wondering, why there is no upper limit to how many points a player can place in a stat. I ask because the gm in me is thinking about the mechanics, for example, it is possible to have a character have a starting armor of 19, by putting all six points into armor, and gave a shield and common armor…

I assume that the gm would have to step in with min maxers and stuff like that.


I wouldn’t care if a character had 19 points in armor. He’d just be hard to hit. That would be the way that character would shine. Conversely, that character would suck at a lot of other stuff. I could challenge that player easily by making him make Dex saves and then taking damage if s/he fails. Or making a room that requires con saves. Or having a boss with a high to-hit bonus. Eventually I’d land a few as a DM at 19 or over. Even a +3 to hit bonus would mean I’d just need a 16 or better to hit that player.


No worries I didn’t take anything as aggressive. Just frustrated.
And I though I wanted to remind you to take a deep breath and say that we got you brother/sister.
Equipment can be done however you’d like.
For my coming Final Fantasy campaign I’m doing Equip Slots like Head, Body, Hands, 2x Accessories.

For the upper limit. Don’t limit. If somebody wants to be a one hit wonder (ie +6 INT for casting) let them :slight_smile: