QS vs print


So (based on a recent post I just read) is the current QS guide a later update than the book that I just bought? I don’t mind supporting projects, but if this is the case, I wish I would have known earlier.


Which book did you buy? CORE 2E is still basically the full book. The QS guide is a mod, it was going to be 3E but seemed to turn into just a mod supplement instead.


I have 2e. What is the new one that’s coming out?

So, having just started reading this game and given my OP, is ICRPG like f.u.d.g.e. or FATE? More a toolbox than a complete system?


So you have the new QS2e which free for everyone (it probably came with your order of CORE, if you got the PDFs). Then there is a MASTER edition that is coming out that is a cleaned up and combined versions of all the different supplements like WORLDS and MAGIC. Hank has mentioned that a digital version will be made available for everyone who had purchased CORE, as a free updates so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about :smile:


Great! Thanks.

I’ll probably get the hard copy anyway, since I struggle with reading long form on the computer.

Is there a release date?


No release date so far. There are occasional updates on Patreon and Discord though


Thanks again!

(And I have to type a lot more than what I want to say.)


To me ICRPG is a saviour. Say for example youre reading a game like 5e, starfinder, pathfinder etc and you hit a point during all the numbers, stat blocks and huge blocks of text and your head slams off the desk screaming “this shits meant to be fun, why do I feel like im studying for a degree”.

Read other books for inspiration and ideas, don’t focus too much on the numbers, then throw them out the window.

Read ICRPG once or twice, then you pretty much never need the book again (but don’t throw it out the window, you’ve seen the cover, it’s cool as fuck and will change how you enjoy the hobby).

Now you got all the tools you need to run games. A forum full of lumpyheads with great ideas, great content from our inspirational leader and a solid system to use that can run pretty much any game.

Tldr: icrpg is the shit. I read other books just so I can use the ideas for icrpg.


I’m so hyped for master edition it’s unreal. All that goodness in one book? Take my :moneybag:


ICRPG is a role playing game, with rules and mechanics. It offers two game worlds - Alfheim and Warp Shell - that give you some places to play right away. The book includes a couple of adventures that you can use to play quickly.

The core mentality of ICRPG is the DIY spirit of making the game work for you and your table. You can play it exactly as written in the book, but you are heartily encouraged to change any of the rules that you want, and make up your own adventures.


To this day, this is the only rule book I have ever been able to read from cover to cover in a single sitting. It is also the only rule book after reading, I could implement on the table without ever opening it to check back on the rules. ICRPG 2e is where you should start.

The 2e quick start is more of an evolved version based on other supplements that have come out (Altered State specifically which is cyberpunk ICRPG). ICRPG traditionally plays more like ‘you are what you are carrying’ but the quick start rules transition back to a bit more of a ‘you are what you are carrying’ (+) ‘you are the class you pick.’ In the quick start rules, abilities that stick with you return (warrior specific talents for example) while in 2e core, those don’t exist. That is probably the biggest overall difference between the two.

In the core 2e book there are two great write-ups in the side bar regarding character design on pg. 32 and pg. 52. This system gives you a framework you and your players can then hang things from and it feels really satisfying.

It is a traditional D20 system and all D&D related concepts will feel familiar to you while the GM section will open your eyes to how to make sessions epic.


I think the QS clears up a lot of stuff for me & I feel it is less what you carry more what you can do. I see no reason to ever touch on the old books. With just more information on places like Ghost Mountain, the QS rules be a much better game. I try to move forward & not look back at the old & less effective version. i am just waiting on the better version to be out. I hope sooner than later.