Q: regarding indestructible armor, and repair limits for VDS


I have been running VDS for several sessions in an open sand box using the world map, and it is fantastic! Very easy to hack and design our table’s own custom monsters, such as the Wendigo, Devourer of Ancient Lore, and others.

Ran into an issue with some random gear drops, though. Placing a relic core on a piece of armor, or placing a release sling on the nomad’s staff, produces armor that is indestructible. How does indestructible armor work within the game rules since all armor has to be destroyed in order to kill the wearer? Curious how others have dealt with this.

Additionally, i wondered how repair skills worked with destroyed items and spell stones? Can these be repaired as well?

Thanks to all the shields bearers of this community keeping the shield wall standing! Strength, Honor, Beer!


Look at that shiny indestructible armor! That would look great on me. I’m going to send a horde of goons to keep you occupied while I wipe out your friends. Then I’m going to come take that armor off you!

Or maybe I’m going to drop this really heavy rock on you, Wiley E. Coyote style. It won’t break, and you’ll probably still be alive, pinned under that boulder, but I won’t need to worry about you for a while.

In short, think outside the character sheet. Think about ways to slow down, harass, or occupy that person. Have swarms of demons try to pick the person up bodily to fly them back to hell. Have a spy join the group and try to steal it. Make an NPC only help the party if they get the armor in trade. Lots of fun dilemmas arise from that armor that can’t be destroyed.

Say, did you hear about that wanderer, going from town to town? Rumor is she can’t die. Got some kind of magic armor on her. I bet she’s just the person we need to help us protect the freehold! She’s sure to help us, a hero like that…


Thanks for the response! I appreciate it!

Of course there are many great ways the armor could be handled with RP, but my main problem is in trying to interpret the actual mechanics as they would exist in this situation.


Skippy told you how. It is indestructible. It doesn’t take hits, or if it does it’s always has at least 1 hit.

Are you asking if, given something deals more hits than the indestructible armor can take, they die? Up to you. Runehammer Games have always been in the Grey, with DIY GMing in mind. Take the reins and decide for yourself. The answer is not going to be on the book.


As much as I appreciate the feedback, telling me the rules are not in the book does not help in any way, as I originally inquired as to how other DMs have handled the mechanical elements of combat involving armor that is indestructible.

I am literally asking how others have handled these within their own house rules. You telling me that it is up to me to find my own answer is strange, considering I came to these forums to do just that.

Skippy had great advice for the RP of this. I already stated that. But in a situation where you cannot always plan an ambush in advance, and you are assaulted by an opponent who happens to have this defense, RP is not what I am looking for.


I’ll put it in topics to be clear, though I mentioned them both in my previous comment. I GMed it like this:

  • Indestructible Armor takes hits, but always has at least 1 hit.
  • If something deals more hits than an indestructible armor can take AND the character has no more armor, they still go down. Their friend could repair and use that Armor still.

Skippy’s option is:

  • Indestructible armor makes you unkillable.


Thank you for that. That format is quite useful and exactly what I was looking for.


If I understand, it’s not that one piece of armor is unbreakable as written. It’s some combo effect or synergy, right? Break the combo when you can.


Breaking a Relic Core could have… devastating results, at least in my mind. If it can make armor indestructible, imagine the power contained within…


Regrettably, our group ended up having to bail on VDS and switched to ICRPG. We found it was eating up too mush table time to try and interpret rules for all of the special equipment that came up, and had too many questions arise from ambiguity in skills, spell stones, monster attacks, etc. (does thermite kill everyone regardless of lives left? Can Rune skill be used in combat? do Blood Runes that affect spell stones also effect those that must be destroyed? If most monster attacks deal less than 3 hits per attack, and the PCs possess invulnerable armor as “best”, how does any attack every penetrate to cause damage?) We also had multiple situations where a single PC gained 4 skill dice in one encounter by simply rolling enough dice to crit 10 times in a row, and acting repeatedly due to the critical hits, resulting in a total wipe for the enemy with no actions taken by other players. I ended up with two pages of notes on house rules, and it became too much of a chore to remember all of these rule clarifications. I love the concept, the game mechanics, but I feel I have missed something in translation, as many of the skill combinations seem to represent the ‘true OP’ Brandish rails against, eating up a lot of table time that could be used by other players . Is there another version of this game? I have the hardback from 1st printing and some of the entries seem different in the PDF.


We began working on something towards solving a few of those issues that have been perceived either in Runehammer Discord or brought from table experience:

Skill Fixes for VDS - Viking Death Squad - RUNEHAMMER

Maybe contribute there?


I ended up with two pages of notes on house rules, and it became too much of a chore to remember all of these rule clarifications.

This may be an area where you have missed something, though it probably depends a bit on you and your group. From my standpoint, when those gaps in the rules arise, I just make a ruling as the DM and move on. Whatever makes sense to me, in that precise moment of the fiction, is how I rule. In this way, I keep Immersion high. From there, it’s not up to me to keep track. Instead, I offload that piece of record-keeping to the players to keep track. It’s their gear, after all. And if they crave that kind of consistency at times (“hey, you ruled this way last time”), then it’s their job to remind me, not mine to keep track of every ruling.

Otherwise, you end up with what you have experienced. Scouring the book for answers, then creating a secondary document you have to scour. Bah. My advice: move away from that sort of rule scouring that bogs you down and robs your table of immersion.

Finally, on this issue, the relic core might bestow indestructibility on an item, but the core itself is not indestructible. After so many hits, the core eventually will have to take damage, and then when the core is destroyed, the underlying piece of gear will lose its protected status. The same would be true for the release sling. Similarly, characters would be able to push gear for a benefit, and eventually they would have to to tap into these items, which will lead to their loss.

It also sounds like maybe you allowed combining of items, and I’m not sure I would have gone in that direction. ie, your relic core takes up a slot in your inventory; it confers a benefit on your armor, which also takes up a slot, for a total of two slots. The two don’t combine and take up one slot, making one indestructible item that can never be destroyed/targeted.


Thanks, Alex. I appreciate the response.

We have already shifted gears to ICRPG to play VDS and converting the items over works pretty well. I never had any issue playing with ICRPG since the 1st edition on, playing Warp Shell, Ghost Mountain, Alfheim, and even Altered States.

I guess that was why I was so frustrated. I have always ruled on the fly, improvising when needed, with players contributing to decisions, and VDS is just fighting me intuitively at every step to keep play streamlined. For me, it just occupied too much thinky space and I did not have this problem with ICRPG.

Just a difference in mechanics i think. I have not completely wrapped my head around the dice pool version used in VDS, and I played Shadowrun, and World of Darkness for decades. Its neat. Just not something I have grokked onto.

i will try again in the future, I think. But for now, ICRPG is scratching all our itches for heavy metal vikings!