Putting the index cards in Index Card RPG



Go nuts and use it! I have a couple more examples I found which can also be used:!



Smithy, you have great power in Game Mastery! I love these cards, and it shows exactly how versatile something like a 3x5 card can be for RPGs. Welcome to the forum (posting, that is)!


Thank you! I’m super happy you guys love the cards. :smiley: Thank you all for the warm welcome!

It’s kind of you to say I have great power in game mastery, because if I’m being honest, I’ve never actually partaken in a proper TTRPG as either PC or GM. GMing is something I’ve always wanted to do though, let my creativity and worldbuilding go wild and come alive. I tried a few times to run D&D 5e, but my ADHD brain wouldn’t allow me to focus enough to read the textbooks of rules, resulting in disastrous gaming sessions that lead nowhere.

Then I found ICRPG and I’ve actually been able to understand its rules. Plus it’s more friendly to homebrew & DIY than D&D 5e was and that is huge for me. I want my creativity to run wild and play in a world of my design (hopefully with some player input to boot).

I’m probably being hard on myself with my history of TTRPGs not going well, but I am happy to hear that, based on your kind words, that you see my potential as a GM. Thank you :slight_smile:


Dude these are awesome!

I especially love the Acid Jelly Fizz card! I like the line work, making it look gelatinous or shifting as it moves. Love the colors as well!

I also really like the Bolt From the Blue card and how the lightning-struck opponent is just a black outline with a visible skeleton just like in a cartoon. Very creative!


You should seriously look for some players at a local game store (trust me, it may take a few tries to get the players you enjoy gaming with) and get them to the table. You definitely seem to have an excellent imagination and solid grasp of TTRPG concepts. I say “Go for it!”

If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the excellent Game Mastering tips videos (I’ve been GMing for decades and I always learn great stuff from them). Some really good ones are (obviously) Runehammer, but also Dungeoncraft, Ginny Di, Questing Beast, Emergent GM, and Dungeon Masterpiece. Of course, there are a LOT of great people here to help get you going.


Don’t really have a local game store near me. We used to have one downtown, but it went out of business during the pandemic shut down :pensive: Fortunately I do have a few close friends who would probably be interested in playing.


Yeah Questing Beast got me interested in exploring other TTRPGs, and eventually I found ICRPG :slight_smile: Thank you for the channel suggestions! I’ll go browse some videos.


Made a new character card for a Warp Shell type game and I’m happy with how it turned out :slight_smile:

Let me know what y’all think!


Thank you so much for sharing and the inspiration!!! The quest look like a ton of fun and I’m jealous of whoever gets to play!