Proficiency for Effort?



Hello! So I made my own skill list for ICRPG and I’d like to give it some oompf by adding a new modifier that would work like proficiency but for Effort. So, the Proficiency bonus would be added to the D20 roll while the new modifier would be added to the Effort roll if the circumstances allow…

I just need a good name for it. Anyone got good, “evocative” suggestions? Would “Focus” do the job?

Thanks! :v:


Focus will work, also Stunt, Training, Empowered, Efficiency, or Impact.
Just a question: why did you add a skill list to ICRPG?

It isn’t to critics, just to understand your point of view. Skills were removed for a good reason, but maybe you have a specific idea that need them back.


Okay, but which word would be the best? So far I’m leaning toward Efficiency or Impact~

And criticism is fine. I used to dislike skill lists heavily myself because players ended up “pressing buttons”. There is something about customizing your character through those lists, however, that I’ve lost. Plus, those attribute modifiers in ICRPG are pretty small~

Well, I think that, with what I’ve learned by reading the AngryGM, I’m ready to implement skills again. Just gotta make them broad enough for players to suggest them, while I, the GM, tell the player to roll an attribute.


Oh, I think I understand (I said “I think” :wink: )

Instead of Skills, do you take a look at professions?

Also, I’m working on an idea about Fate and ICRPG. Here some concept:

  • For a defined amount of XP, or a milestone, a character gains a capacity
  • A capacity must be narrowed enough to not being able to be called each turn
  • A capacity belongs to one of these 3 categories:
    • an ASPECT, a small sentence or a word which bend or break the rule (ex: any damage to the player is one dice level lower (d4 instead of d6, etc))
    • a STUNT, a +1 bonus to a specific action
    • a TRAINING, a +1 bonus to an effort die

With a group of friends we’ll playtest this (with some other rules) but the first tries showed it can work as an open Skill list.

Efficiency is too close to Proficiency, Impact sounds better as less confusing :wink:


Thanks! Impact sounds good!

Professions are too broad, and might require some knowledge to be used effectively by the player. Besides, I think skills allow the players to make their own professions, in a way?

Could you give me examples of Aspect, Stunts, or Trainings, please?


Depends on the players, from experience they understand quickly the idea, the main issue is more the GM and it’s capacity to say “no, this isn’t soemthing you can do with your profession”. Skills are good too :wink:

In an hour I’ll run a play test with a golem (literally a brick, a big one). It has this capacity:

  • ASPECT: Unbrickable, when ennemy roll for damage, roll with the inferior level dice (i.e. d8 -> d6, d6 -> d4, d4 -> d4-1)
  • TRAINING: Shovel kata, +1 when rolling for damage (d6+1 with a shovel)

For the STUNT, I guess I can use this:

  • A shovel in the dark, +1 when hitting with trichery and hide (and a shovel)
  • Cold brick, but warm heart, +1 to social interaction when using no word, just pure empathy

It’s clearly Fate Aspects and Stunts at work here, but I ain’t sure about this working straight from the box. Some playtest needed.


Might be just the common understanding of the profession between players & GM that makes me hesitate.

I think your system is good, it helps keep you in the mood of the creature you’re playing! :smile: