Procedural generation shortcuts


Oldie but goodie…have several posts before but there are some new updates…Not everything you need, but can help hours of prep become minutes, or offer some insane inspiration!

Sigil Generator
somewhat useful at times

top down manor…not the greatest

Compass rose…situational

Tank doodles…don’t know why…but I love this

one-page-dungeon…this is a quick save a ton of time adventure

City Generator…really the start of a campain

coastal regions

Village Generator


I love the stuff from Watabou. Never noticed the Tank generator before, that would be great for any sci-fi games!


Yup, that many of the more developed ones get deeper as you play with the controls on the PC make them better.


thx for this collection of goodies. Useful stuff


I actually have come to rely on random generation, can’t always be creative, and I love seeing what comes out of so many random elements! But this is all just for prep. to me… after that, it’s fun seeing how the players manage everything that’s been set up! :grin:

If I may: I recommand Runehammer’s Think Deck along with those awesome random tables from Maze Rats by Questing Beast!


I really should have documented this, but I have been watching the number of link connections/hits.

First one, obviously the most common ran ahead rapidly. But slowly but surely the one I “love” even though I explain I don’t know why just passed it.

And one page dungeon ( probably the most useful most often) also caught up and passed it.

This is totally arbitrary and a tiny sample size, and I can’t break down the data… however it does show a bit.

Novelty + Placement = early on advancement.

Marketing + expressed fondness = slower advancement.

Slight marketing + explained usefulness = slower advancement but probable bigger ultimate growth.

However with this data point as it will go to the top of the forum, it might get new life. And I can’t say of unique views/different individuals click through all, vs click on favorite.

In the end I really admire what Watabou produces, and while not all of it is my cup o tea, many of the efforts inspire me, or really cut my prep time…and that inspires me.

Yes I support their Patreon…And I still love the Tank procedural. Not sure why, but seeing a new tank, then trying to imagine why it was produced that way inspires a lot of thought. I might skip 15…then suddenly stop and make a story about one, then the next then the next…and an hour has passed in 20 jabs of my thumb.

Bonus module: I really like this review of ICRPG

It explains a lot of my initial thoughts in a much more Succinct way than I could of…see how clever I am, adding a new link to track?