Probably my favourite TTS Battlemap so far


I did this map a while back, recently went in and made sure everything was working. This map has so many elements to it, criss cross chains, a lava river, bad guys blasting you. I am running this again very soon.


Looks fantastic.

Have you actually shared these in the ICRPG mod?


Awesome stuff as usual bro!


All of this stuff, plus anything icrpg that is free, ie the minis and art stuff… Anything basically that hankerin doesn’t have as an IP protected item… For example you can access the free alfheim map, but not the detailed map from the worlds book. There’s an entire table of minis, dice rollers and character sheets as well as decks of cards for basic loot, cursed loot and other stuff. Also if you want to play the flight of the red sword all the maps for that adventure have been added in 3d…

Reminds me I should go check that table!

You can see all the stuff in videos on my YouTube channel.


I’ll take a look,
Thanks for the reply, and for your ICRPG podcast episodes with Victor.


Thank you for listening @Abodi … Game On!