What laser printer do you use or want to buy to print the ICRPG cards? This can be for making your own homebrew cards. I’m looking for a not too expensive laser printer to print my cards up. Thanks all.


I’d go inkjet…hell I went inkjet.

But if all you are wanting is to print the cards…80# paper and see if you can source it. If also for other things…need price points and total cost of ownership.

I really liked the Samsung 4020s but they die around 35k pages unless maintained.

I’d look at Epson eco tanks and such.


Also, this is a very informative thread, and @Khan gives some great advice on keeping costs low.

HP Instant Ink


Thank you. This is great.


I don’t have a laser printer, but I did just have volumes 3 and 4 printed and started painting them in some downtime today.

So that is 210 cards painted and 190 to go.