Printable Dungeon Grid!


Hey there everyone!
While working on some dungeon assets I came up with this printable dungeon tile grid:

It’s a US Letter sized pdf ready for printing and chopping. I printed out a handful on card stock at kinko’s for $10 and have a folder full of flat dungeon tiles I can take anywhere with me. Here’s a link to a free download, and if you happen to pop it open and print it up I’d be happy to hear any feedback.

I haven’t done any print-and-play kind of stuff before but I really like the idea of doing more in the future. :slight_smile:


Nice job here, this is certainly very usable. I can see gluing these to chipboard as a good way to beef them up. Also, you could throw a piece of plexiglass down on top and dry erase over them.


Thank you for sharing this.


Heck yes! If this goes over well I might make more chambers and corridors for home printing. :slight_smile:


One thing I’ve been wanting to put together are short papercraft “cutaway” walls I could put in some mini stands and lay out room edges on the fast and cheap. You know, that kind of look like isometric art… about 1” high or so. Just tall enough to define the room or chamber boundaries,

I could really do more with a handful of those, a couple doors, and the “Spotlight” method than a million specifically sized room tiles.


So if I made a page of something like masonry walls you could cut to what you need and a couple doors, would that work?


It’s cool if you want to do so, but please don’t feel obligated. The idea monster got ahold of my brain so I got on Google Slides and fiddled around a bit, just to make a couple mockups and better visualize.

These ain’t pretty, but they do show that 3/4" wall peices will do what I need cheap and fast and very versatile. Also, that I don’t need to waste my time with the Isometric cutaways at that height.

Here’s a pic of quick and dirty proof of concept:


Have you looked at the 2.5D terrain method? You can paste paper onto cardboard to make low walls that impart the sense of a wall, without occluding player line of sight. You could marry that up with these tiles pretty easily.


I hadn’t heard of that as a term. Thanks for bringing it to my awareness!

I may just prefer it to pointy triangle walls.