Print-n-Play Terrain


Are there any print and play terrain that’s available? Such as walls, trees, doors, gates, etc.


A lot of us use Two Minute Tabletop. His art is killer, and you can literally just print his stuff and use it right on the table. He has a website with some free assets (and you can purchase there too), and he has a Patreon where he puts out new stuff. Plus, you can use it in Roll20 as well. I can’t speak more highly of Ross, and he’s a friend to Runehammer as well.

He’s also made his art available to some companies as well for print and play terrain here, along with some other artists.


For $1, you could get these simple paper landscape objects.

There’s also a plethora of stuff if you search for print terrain, though you’ll also get a lot of STL files for 3D printing.


Whewww weee…where to begin :grin: there are tons of print and play enviro pieces available, here are a couple of my favorite:
Okumarts has a set with dinos, palm trees, ferns, rocks, and a monumental statue. :moyai:
Printable Heroes has a bunch of stuff under the category of “props” I particularly like his grassland rocks.
I would also recommend Papierschnitzel, many things on his patreon for free such as: a street lamp, barrels, crates, and a hand cart. He also has a bunch of things for sale on DriveThruRPG.
I have a couple of Dave Graffam space themed models also, if your looking for larger terrain stuff like generators, large containers, and habitats.
Anywho, I hope you find some stuff you like! :+1:


I’d also like to recommend this artist Inked Adventures, this set has a bunch of doors, stand up and top down style. The art style is unique and interesting, check it out.
A bunch of stuff you can get free as well, to make sure you like the style.


Oh man, this is my jam. With as much emphasis as there is on the VTT, I’m curious to know if there’s enough of a demand to prep development on this.


Yes, and no. From what I see, as someone who worked with visual designers and dabbled in it during the .com boom. VTT is where it’s at for dabbling. Perhaps some choice stuff for Drive Through RPG. But to make a living, the cost of entry is substantial time.

Printable Hero’s is making about 11k a month. Minus website, taxes and Patreon. So let’s say $8k or about 100k a year putting out 5ish minis a month.

He has a huge catalog,
is a known quantity in the community,
has really well conceived of Teirs,
Has both silhouette cut marks and source PSD files.

But his biggest return on investment is pdf files with multi colored versions of each model.

Paper Forge started later, equal quality similar output, more dynamic posing, but is only at 1.5k a month. The catalog is not at the same level yet.

If I had the talent, made a good workflow, VTT in different colors would be where I shoot for. Ease of entry seems most doable.

But convenient color selectable PDFs and cut lines, would be worth it, if the workflow, website and catalog was right.

There is a huge lack of stuff for non-fantasy with near sci-fi having the biggest lack. But if time is money, the most money is in Fantasy. But it may be worthwhile to make a needed niche for yourself.

That’s my speculative 0.0000002 cents worth of advice as a consumer.


That’s awesome advice and insight. Since I started drawing maps I’m continually second guessing myself.


You have the skills And talent to be a make a living at it type. What I don’t know is speed, workflow, personal discipline, willing to adjust to change and sacrifice for long term betterment. I know I’m not.

The thing with print, is you have to scale it all correctly…VTT is totally forgiving in that arena.

Most of us barely know how to send a print job to the printer anymore. Scaling something is beyond the pale.

Those that are doing it are machines, they have their workflow and it’s usually perfect each time, by the time the consumer sees it.

Maps for print and play… not big consumer thing, they cost a lot to print out or take forever to tape together. But top down or 70 degrees for map filler and other stuff standing on holders…everyone loves paper miniatures. and we’ll done scatter terrain. Even the people with thousands of miniatures, cause paper miniatures are lighter, cheaper, and faster.

They just don’t look as cool in pictures, and we all know you (the user) didn’t spend hours painting the thing by hand.


Ask and the Shield Wall delivers in spades. These are some great resources and, upon quick glance, I see stuff I like. Now to go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Thanks everyone.