Prepping my online campaign (incl. Battlemaps)


You make these maps?

Stealing the index card idea!


Welcome to the party! :smiley:
Enjoy your stay!


Thanks! I used the 2 Minute Table Top Map assets from the Patreon to create these Maps.


Ran the first session yesterday and it was a blast. I probably handed out too much loot but eh, it will sort itself sooner or later I wager. And they rolled really lucky on the Loot tables too! Some Images that I drew for the game as well.


This looks incredible! I love the black and white style of the map!


Thanks, it means a lot. I am sticking to black, white and red for my game drawings, It is challenging but since I can’t really draw well anyways it also makes it much easier to “fake it”. The map just happened because I had drawn the image of the city before and thought this would make for a cool landing page for the game.


It has been a long while, Game is slow going. They finally made it out of the shroom cave after which they encountered the Shroom Queen on the plane of Mushrooms and where sent through a portal. This landed them near the site of an expedition camp.

Camp is located in this area.

Roll20 View:

Thanks to this Thread Playing RPGs using Tabletop Simulator and the instructional videos from @Murder_Hobo_Show I am pondering jumping into Table Top Simulator So I went ahead and recreated the map.

Took a wee bit longer then I would have liked but as it is my first map a lot of time has been spent on finding stuff, that should be better in the future. So far I am liking it A LOT, but will have to run an actual game to see if it is a good fit or not.


Nice… That looks awesome! I’ve been playing a 4 month campaign using icrpg and it’s been going great!