Prepping my online campaign (incl. Battlemaps)


You make these maps?

Stealing the index card idea!


Welcome to the party! :smiley:
Enjoy your stay!


Thanks! I used the 2 Minute Table Top Map assets from the Patreon to create these Maps.


Ran the first session yesterday and it was a blast. I probably handed out too much loot but eh, it will sort itself sooner or later I wager. And they rolled really lucky on the Loot tables too! Some Images that I drew for the game as well.


This looks incredible! I love the black and white style of the map!


Thanks, it means a lot. I am sticking to black, white and red for my game drawings, It is challenging but since I can’t really draw well anyways it also makes it much easier to “fake it”. The map just happened because I had drawn the image of the city before and thought this would make for a cool landing page for the game.