Power and Augments in Outside Settings?



So I really want to use all of the Augments and Powers in my setting. How would you go about implementing that into let’s say a fantasy setting?

I haven’t bought the Master’s Edition yet, but will be running my first ICRPG session zero at the end of the month and I would like to know how you all handle this?

Thank you!



Augments equal wood and iron enchanted limbs, or a crystal eye with special runes. Maybe they can even act as loot that might be damaged or destroyed. Powers can be very high level magic spells.


I see. How would you go about upgrading Powers as described in the rules? Let’s say a Warrior has magical telekinetic Powers where he can essentially carry multiple weapons like the conjured weapons in Skyrim?

Also for Augments, would that be kind of like semi-permanent Loot? How would I differentiate Augments from loot and Powers from Magic?

Thank you again for your response. :smiley:


I actually don’t know much about the powers in Vigilante City, I am waiting to pick up the Master Edition soon.

For the Augments, yeah I would make them semi-permanent. As in you have to have them “installed” by a wizard or something. I would allow them to be damaged (perhaps if you have a magical augment and drop to zero HP, you can sacrifice it for some advantage like rolling your dying timer twice for the best result.) Otherwise changing it out takes time and money, which would be the main difference from loot.

That being said maybe don’t really differentiate them at all, except for by flavor that fits the time period. For powers, check out the comic book Marvel 1602 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_1602) where all the Marvel heroes are transported to an Elizabethan England setting. The powers are virtually the same, they just have a twist on the language used (Mutants are called “Witchbreed” for example.) So perhaps powers are more like a natural gift. Augments I covered in the previous post really, just change the materials and feel of them, who creates them, etc but follow the same rules as they are presented in Altered State.


The simple answer here is: by where you write them on the character sheet. IIRC there are spearate spaces for each.

Powers to me are just another way to say ‘Magic’ (in settings where magic isn’t the end-all powerful answer). Hell, the MAGIC section in ME uses Stun Points just like them, if memory serves. Don’t fret about it too much.


Been a bit but I had the same exact question.

I’m working on a low magic LOTR setting and wondered what to do with powers and augmentation on the ME character sheets.

I could just make a LOTR specific character sheet (which I’ll likely do) but I think I’ve settled on a couple of ideas.

Powers - these can be cultural virtues a la The One Ring 1e. Essentially a form of Milestone that is specific to the Lifeform your PC is. The key is that they can’t be taken away and I prefer them to be gameplay focused rather than flat stat bonuses. Since powers are only really suppose to be added during char creation I’ll be creating a tiered version of their cultural blessing to do essentially the same thing minus the SP cost.

Augmentations- these can be cultural rewards (TOR1e) in the sense that they are precious weapons, Armor, and items that aren’t easily broken via “plot armor” or whatever you want to use to justify. Initially I don’t really like this but it bugs me having that on the character sheet haha.

Until I redo the character sheet that’s what I’ve been doing.


I appreciate and like your take on my question. I also feel weird about the unused spaces on the ME Character Sheet. I’ve downloaded a couple of great Character Sheets on the forums, but I like to play vanilla before being more comfortable in DIYing my own games. :smiley: