Potion Creation


I’m new to ICRPG and am excited to slowly implement and ultimately switch over to this system but I have run into a question or two along the way.

I see spell casting cost has changed in the Master Edition but I don’t see anywhere in the 2e where it says spell casting costs the player HPs. I’ve looked but I’m obviously missing it because I have seen numerous posts on the internet and it is mentioned multiple times. If anyone knows the page reference in 2e can you provide it for me?

In regards to potion creation, it seems you need 3 rare ingredients to create a potion. If read correctly, potions are a single use item. But a rare ingredient if consumed by itself will provide a desired effect on its own. So what would be the point of wasting 3 rare ingredients to produce a one time effect when the character could just consume the ingredient for the desired effect. I know using a potioner’s kit is more efficient but that doesn’t change the necessity of making potions.

I realize I can literally change the rules and play it however I want. I was just wondering if I was missing something in the book.


Hey there,

Casting: There are two systems that exist. The first is the CORE system, which is simply roll to cast. The second system is the MAGIC system, which requires a cost to be paid in Stun Points (or Hit Points, previously). You can use one or both as you see fit. For example, I use the CORE simple spells mostly but offer the MAGIC spells as potent rewards or things tied to locations (A druid circle, the mana tomb, whatever).

Potions: I’ll admit I’m not very familiar with the RAW rules for potion creation. Here are some ideas though: (a) the ingredients may not have the effect you want and need to be combined, or (b) the ingredients might spoil whereas potions do not have a shelf life.

In general, how I run potions is: (a) acquire these ingredients (this can be done literally or just “Accrue 10 effort and you find a lynx root”), (b) make the potion (acquire x successes before y failures, or accrue z effort). Then again, in many campaigns, potion making is a lost art and players can’t do it, so I avoid the issue altogether.

I hope this is helpful to you!



One Heart to find the right amount for an ingredient - that is cool. :slight_smile: Will use that and ask the Magic user to track the progress … Thanks!


Would one not use a INT roll to mix correctly or it spoils the alchemy potion?
Seem logical to me at least.