Post-Apocalyptic Toolkit


Hey Shield Wall! Our very own @JDH put together this killer post-apocalyptic toolkit for ICRPG! Please send him some love and support for this killer achievement.


Woot! So excited for this to drop. Having been a playtester, this world and the additions to the system are so much fun. The Adrenaline and Grit systems really turn things up to 11 and I love the scroungy feel @JDH captured in the world :smiley:


Thanks for the shout out Alex! If anyone has questions about the setting, feel free to message me! Super excited to have this adding a little new corner to the (unofficial) Runiverse.


Looks great! Purchased! Looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:


Congrats @JDH! :fire:


Got it! The tables are exactly what I needed for my current campaign, thanks!!


Heck yeah, that’s great to hear!


Just downloaded TheWINK this morning and have spent some time perusing its contents. Kudos to @JDH for his strong work in assembling this deeply themed yet versatile roleplaying adventure toolkit for our favorite go-to system, ICRPG.

TheWINK is comprehensive, thorough, and well-thought out, with imaginative content, intelligent organization, good layout, and a fun, evocative art style to inspire your adventure construction within your own post-apocalyptic wasteland. The author leans heavily into all the classic tropes of this sci-fi/alt-history subgenre, providing you with a gritty, pleasingly dystopian smorgasbord of nightmares and meager signs of hope in a world gone wrong.

I spent a few hours last night gaming with @JDH, and I can say without question from that introduction that the man knows how to embrace story narratives. TheWINK fully underpins my impressions of its author. This 27-page supplement with its setting-specific mechanics and associated digital assets provides a lot of useful raw material for its meager sub-$5 price tag, so if you’re looking for some help building your own version of a grimdark future, you should definitely give this booklet a look. I look forward to using it at my table.

(I am not associated with this project, and I am posting my unsolicited and uncompensated first impressions of this publication, after purchasing it with my own money, for the good of the Shield Wall community. Thanks go to @JDH for his hard work in bringing us this contribution.)


Wow Chris, that is super kind, thank you!


If you read this, buy it, it’s great