Post Apocalyptic ICRPG


This seems like a natural fit — loot, scavenging, mutants, vehicle chases. Has anyone taken a run at this? I know there are Fallout hacks, but has anyone developed their own world?

SPOILER: if not, I will.


Working on my own. Converting g bits from the Waste is not kind, and Gammaworld 1st Edition. Anyone who has put serious thought into mutations, I’d be interested to hear from.


JD just released his post apocalyptic hack on
sounds like what you’re looking for


@JDH’s The Waste Is Not Kind is very well thought out and enjoyable to read; the tone of his setting is an unusual instance of “survival heroism” that leans into the classic tropes from all your favorites in the post-apocalyptic genre. It is also very adaptable to whatever a GM has in mind. However, it (intentionally) does not delve into character mutation, so it would be fertile ground for someone to further hack and explore the weird science of wasteland genetics.

I am playing my first game of TheWINK with the author himself next week!


The reason I did not dive too deeply into mutations is that there are a lot out there! is a free resource with a TON of ideas for mutations. It will take some work to adapt to ICRPG, but tons of idea fuel there.

I initially did a little bit with mutations to spark some ideas, but didn’t develop it in great depth, I just couldn’t wrap my head around making mutations as great I believe the rest of the setting to be, so I left it to others. That said, here is my “work in progress” page that did not make the final cut. This may get you started! (I was keeping all mutations insectoid at the time)


That’s actually an awesome list. :+1: