Point of Interest Template


Since the Magic Item Template was well received, I threw together another table I’ve been wanting to do for a while. This one generates a building/structure/place and 1 interesting person for quick story or side quest ideas. I hope this is useful to someone besides myself!


This is great, thanks for sharing. Lots of good stuff here.


that’s what I am talking about… great way to generate anything! … Game On!


I love those templates you make! Thank you very much!! :smiley:
You think you could make one for the three Ts?
For quick room generation?


If I don’t feel like working tomorrow, I’ll take a crack at it! :laughing:


Good night, then, sleep well!
When is tomorrow for you? Perhaps I could work on something myself and we can compare what we each came up, with?


Just knocking it out of the park every single time! Great work man! Thanks for sharing.


I would start work on it in like 12 hours from now


Awesome! :ok_hand:t3: