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New Haven Campaign

DDEX1-5 Courting of Fire Adventure

Another bad ass map from the @Murder_Hobo_Show


I like this map… These trees look great, they pair down to either a single tree or a three trees. Lots of room for cover or ambushes. My player killed 5 kobolds in a single round with the speed quiver. So much fun.


I am checking steam daily waiting for them to have a sale. Kinda surprised they haven’t yet, given the situation.


His Videos on maps and some stuff he showed makes me consider switching. We played some board games on it and loved it. I am just shying away because making everything 3d Sounds like a ton of work with time I don’t really have.


@Murder_Hobo_Show has some of his maps on the Steam Workshop… maybe if you ask nice, he can share a link or two!!!


I am pulling down a bunch of One World maps and try to figure out how it works. Got his ICRPG table too to get a start. His videos have been instructive and I am trying to get some free time for trial and error. Haven’t seen any maps by @murder_hobo_show on Steam though?


Murder Hobo’s maps on Steam Workshop:


Murder Hobo has the dopest maps for TTS. Absolutely love the work he does. Great show too, guys. :metal::heart::+1:


Ah thanks I didn’t understand what this does.


Check out 4 packs on sale!


Maybe someone here knows. I don’t like the look of any 2d tokens I have seen so far, mainly because from the side they just disappear. Is there a way to add some thickness to them?


You can do the same thing @Murder_Hobo_Show does for terrain: Import an image as a token and TTS will assign a thickness to it (which you can adjust). This is mostly useful for tokens that will stay flat on the table (like coins, board pieces etc.) though. If you want them to stay upright then you’ll have problems because they don’t want to do that due to physics. You can lock them but that makes them harder to move around and rotate.

The 2D mini TTS mod Murder_Hobo uses is a nice compromise in my opinion. They don’t have thickness but they are easier to move/rotate on the table and you can easily customize them in a 2D drawing application.

Alternatively you can use proper 3D minis. Steam Workshop is full of them. You can’t modify them as easily as 2D tokens though and sometimes you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. That’s why Murder_Hobo and others prefer 2D tokens instead of 3D ones. I would probably do the same.


You mean 2d minis? Like the ones I use? You can find 99 percent of the minis for DND in a 3d format. There’s lots and lots of models in the workshop to choose from.

Paperforge minis is creating pogs from his art work and man they look amazing. I’ve just been given there ok to release them in TTS so I’ll be doing that soon.

Also there’s an option to “link” items together so they move as one. You could technically import the art as a token. Adjust the thickness and there “link” it to a base. There’s some locking and unlocking needed, the main thing is the links don’t save well. They break when you save under certain circumstances.


Yea, that’s exactly what I mean. Looks like I am better off using the fantastic collection of 3D Models you have shown on the channel. Thanks you two!