Players Needed for The Mines of Dornhold



Hey! I’m looking for two players to join in a morning game, this Friday (March 10th) at 6am MST. I’m just hosting it on my Discord and using the Index Card VTT. Come drop by if you’re interested -

It’s been years since anyone has ventured into the mines or have even heard word of its occupancy. You know how these things go. The dwarves dig too deep and get themselves into trouble by awakening some dormant monstrosity. Well, whatever happened, there’s probably a unfathomable amount of treasure left behind, if someone could just get in and claim it.


I would like to join in if there is a spot!


Absolutely! Would love to have you join in. The discord invite is in the main post and then we’ll get everyone set up over there :smiley:


Thank you, I really appreciate the chance to get into one of your games again!


I’m in, if you please.


Of course. I’ll add you in the Kiln