Players Needed for Grey Hill Inferno Trial in Discovery Mode



Hey! I’m looking for 3 brave adventurers to run through the Grey Hill Inferno Trial in Discovery Mode.

Discovery Mode was introduced in ICRPG HARD SUIT, and it essentially means discovering your character as you play, rather than building it in advance. You don’t even prepare a name or a token! We’ll find out your name, your stats, your origin, what gear you’ll use, and more all at the table while you try to escape the Red Mage during the Grey Hill Inferno.

The plan is to play it on Discord and ICVTT over on my Discord server and I would hope to record this if all the players are okay with that (playing the game with friends is always more important than a recording though :wink: ).

If you’re up for playing through the Grey Hill Inferno like you’ve probably never played it before, I’d love to have you at the table. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks! :shield:

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Dang, I’m running a Warp Shell game at that time so I won’t be able to make it. I’m sure this will be an awesome adventure!


In :shield::shield::shield:


Would be stoked to join, but that’s the night before we leave town, so I’ll be packin’ up the ol’ mule (i.e. minivan).


I am down to try this out.


Hop over to the discord and we can get you set up :smile:


Looks like we’ve got a full roster. I’ll let you know how it goes in an after action report :shield:


*** Thanks Kane. ***