Player's Cheat Sheet



So since both me and my players will be fairly new to the ICRPG system, I ended up making a cheat sheet that they can look at in order to keep the basic rules handy. Something that’s quick to scan but gives enough information to never feel lost.

So what do you think, could this be useful to you? Anything essential I’ve forgotten to add?


Nice work! I’d suggest moving the Effort table to the first page, as that’s one of the more critical bits. I find that Time doesn’t factor meaningfully into my games, so that section could be excluded at my table. If Time matters to you and your players, then by all means keep it!

It might also be worth trying to squeeze it down to just one side of one page.

Great work! Keep it up!


This looks amazing! Definitely going to be using it once you have everything finalized. I love the style and I’m always a fan of Cinzel font, if I’m seeing that right. :herocoin:

I would agree with @skippy to see if you can narrow it down to one page. Makes it a lot easier for players to quickly reference. The only thing that I think you’d want to add are the Dying Rules. At my table, that seems to be the set of rules my players need help remembering the most.



FYI if you’re trying to keep the cheat sheet as written in ICRPG then Attempts/Checks succeed when they meet or beat the target , not only when they are higher than/beat the target. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see what I can do, might have to decrease the font a bit and work some magic but yeah.

I’ll probably end up gathering the essentials on the first page, and then more optional stuff on the second page.


Hey, I’m glad to hear! And you’re indeed right about the Cinzel font, good eye! I just found it yesterday and will probably be using it for them fancy titles in the future as well :slight_smile:

To be honest, I didn’t even think about adding the death rules but you definitely state a good case for it!


You’re completely right! That’s a slip-up, will have it fixed soon :joy:


Don’t remember if its core rules or not

but RECOVERY heals 1+CON bonus at my table.

Yep its on page 21 of core 2E


Maybe add in the dying mechanics

D6 rounds till dead, roll a NAT20 to pop up with 1 HP, need to be healed by an ally otherwise.

Don’t die on me! WIS or INT roll to stabilize a dying ally at 0 HP


Oh, didn’t see that rule actually. Will take a look!

Also thanks for the death roll formulation ideas :slight_smile:


Alright, version 2 is up! Same link and all, but updated. I’ve been working all the tricks in the book to fit the most essential parts on page 1… Moving both Time and Space (distance) to page 2.

I might try around more as I gain experience, but for now I’m pretty happy with it. Still open for suggestions, though!!


Looks good @Cherique.

Think you covered it all


You might find this helpful… A one-sheet for convention play


This is also nice, but a bit too word bloated for my tastes. Still seems like a useful resource, so thank you!


FYI. I believe the shield shatter mechanic is wrong. In 2E Core, it absorbs half the dmg.


Shield shatter mechanic? I’m a bit lost here.

Edit: right, the convention sheet. Still have no idea what that means but I guess a quick look at the CORE rules later should enlighten me x)


Probably. I pulled most of the info here from the quickstart guide which does have some variation.


Where did it go? :frowning:



Have you had a chance to update this to Master Edition?


Sadly this link appears not to exist any longer. Is there another later version elsewhere please?