Player Aids/GM Screen


Hey, how is it going everyone? It has been awhile since I have posted here.

I tired to look through the older posts but I could not find any player aids and a GM Screen for the Master Edition.

Has anyone put something like that together?


There aren’t a lot of things directly calling themselves DM/GM screens. A lot of folks around here roll in the open.

This post has is about a 5e/ICRPG conversion guide, it links to this document. The first page of that conversion document is a one page a quick reference for ICRPG rules and basically gets all of Master Edition down to a single page, which would be a good reference for a GM to use.


Wow, thanks for linking to that conversion guide! I used to visit that site all the time. It’s good to see Ronny is still pumping out great stuff.

Also it’s not really a cheat sheet, but MattSlaton was working on an updated character sheet which includes three bullet points explaining each stat. Might be handy for folks who don’t know that stuff already from D&D: Updating My Character Sheet



Thank you. The one pager in there is a great resource.


I’ll keep an eye on it.


I have a GM Reference Sheet or Planplet that I have been working on. It has kinda taken a backseat at the moment. I had planned to make it a good reference to all the Official ICRPG mechanics aswell as a lot of my own homebrew solutions to thinks like travel, wilderness, random encounters and improvising. What has held me up on finish it is developing my ideas into simple, clear, wording. A lot of the realizations that I have in my head are really hard to put on paper where other people can understand.


That sounds interesting, Matt. Maybe you could release the project in two stages, first tackling the rules-as-written material, maybe get some feedback on the format and layout. And then begin to share the homebrew sections one at a time?

That way we could immediately be like, “Yeah that tracks! What’s next?”