Play test for XDZ Mission - Serum Run



Looking for 3-4 people to help me play test my XDZ mission named Serum Run. Planning on a start time of 7pm PST on June 13th, hoping to end no later then 10pm. More info to follow, and be warned, I’m a newbie Roll 20 GM, this’ll also help force me to finalize the write up and “art” assets.


Wish I could but my ancient computer cant even keep up with browser apps :frowning: but I bet you won’t have trouble getting the people. Good luck!


fyi…no prior knowledge of Xeno Dead Zone required


@_Diabolic @Xanderathos @RH1N0

I’m trying to get assets together and put into Roll20 so we’ll be all set. We’ll be using the Training and Resistance stats on page 6 of the XDZ Rulebook. If you want to build out 3 Commandos beforehand that’d be great, or if you want to wait till the game and go over the instructions first that’s cool also, it’ll give me a chance to talk through the rules which I’ll have to do at the Con I’m running the mission at. If you don’t have the rulebook (no judgement here), that’s cool, let me know and i can pass on a copy of the commando sheet so you can have that as a skeleton for each commando.

I’ll try and get a mission summary out beforehand so you have an idea of the mission

Planning on doing voice over Hangouts then use Roll20 as the game board


@_Diabolic @Xanderathos @RH1N0

Can I assume you all have the XDZ rulebook?

Here’s a link to the current rev of the Mission Brief

The image on the left is suppose to be a topo map and area view, need to label them better. I’ll drop a Hangout link here tomorrow at 7pm PST and we can go from there. Thanks again for your time, and patience!


Yes, I do have the XDZ Rulebook. Nice mission brief. A few spelling errors but looks good so far!


Yep, I have the rule book. Still not 100% on everything, but I’ve got a general idea.

Printed up your Mission Brief along with some commando sheets at work today :nerd_face:


I have the book as well


Warning…I have news from the home front that my wifi is behaving badly…hoping it’s something I can solve when I get home, but just wanted to give a warning


FALSE ALARM!!! Will get Hangout link to you soon


link to hangouts


looking a bit dire for our Commandos