Play by post anyone?


Mehrfin tries to patch himself up.

(Con 3+2 = 5)

He’s in too bad of shape to do much, but he does feel an increase in his luck, which he may be able to use if he lives long enough. (Karma 5)


Mehrfin and Muel are down. Hykon is still grappled and the Orc Warlord is dragging Hykon and himself slowly towards the lens.

Quildrum’s blade stabs through the chest of the Elven Lord Greystone. His blood pools and drips to the floor. The Elf looks down amazed and puts his hand on the blade just as the pit-fighter pulls it back out. Greystone falls dead to the floor.

Timer turns to 1.

Yag’s milky white eyes widen, and a sudden look of elation closes his horrible face.

“Free!” He says with a whisper.

He pulls even harder with his arcane might, dragging the lens towards his portal gate, with his other hand he continues to open it.

“First Durhadda, then all of Duradin shall kneel before Immortal Yag! The lens shall be my philactery, and I will never die! Goodbye Greystone, none shall remember you.”

His attention turns to Quildrum.

“Your mortal weapons cannot harm me, boy.” And he turns back to his spells.

Finally, he tries to maintain the dimension. [Dimension currently at 4/10HP, Yag heals it for 1, but it crumbles 7! The dimension breaks!]

All of you feel a sensation as though suddenly falling backwards. THUD! You find yourself back in the lighthouse! The healing-keys are gone but all of you, the Orc, Yag, Greystone’s body and the lens (flat on its side) are here in this room.

“GRAAAAAGH” screeches Yag in frustration!


Snow Orc Warlord 24/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Yag the Wraith 30/30HP (Hard to hit, immune to non-magic attacks, max 3 actions).

Lens @ 13/50HP (but no clear way to now heal it)

Timer resets to 2 as Yag must begin again to recast his portal spell.

Target 15

What do you do?


I’m still glad we killed Greystone.

Mehrfin grabs his water from earlier in the campaign, forces some between his lips. (Con 13+2=15). He feels a bit better. (If I understand it, this recovery roll is Con+1, so that would be 3 HP?)

[Edited. With further info from Smittumi, roll BE instead of Con+1 … rolled d4 with no adders. HP = 2]

With what energy he has, he huddles behind his shield in case something attacks him and begins reaching for his spells. (Def 9+6=15)


[Did falling back through the portal do anything to loosen the orcs grip on Hykon?]



Hykon tries using the sudden collapse of the portal to his advantage and finally (fingers crossed gents) break free of the snow orcs vice like grip.

STR 14+1=15 (grrrr, not looking to good)


Quildrum heads towards the snow or warlord and attempts to slash him to try n break Hykon loose.
" Here I come my friend!"


[@GaryD20, that makes total sense, the test is normal not hard. Have you been tracking Karma?]


[I have been. Have a HC. Just haven’t used it yet.]


[@AbbenWisson, are you still on a death timer?]


[Yeah, Muel is down still. Maybe even dead? I can’t self-rescue here. Anyone? Lol.]


[Hykon can heal you if he can ever manage to get away from this damn snow orc.]


[lmao! Yeah, I really thought we were watching a tpk in slo mo! I just remembered Morvi last round and I felt like an ass so I’ve just been spectating while dealing with small crises in my life and I’m at 3/5 Karma, 0 Hero Coin, 0/20hp, I will have Morvi go and do some rescue attempts if Smittumi will allow it. We’re out of the pocket dimension currently, yes?]


Morvi scrambles from a corner and (rolls a 17+1=18 attempt) slaps Muel sensate again.
“Hey, wake up! What are you doing?!”


[Morvi wasn’t in the dimension with us, I assumed, so I didn’t know how to help. Now that we’re out, she’s here. Is that okay?]


[@AbbenWisson, yes that’s fine. You still roll a d4 death timer, and make a CON roll each turn to stop bleeding out.]


Muel rolls a 1 for his timer, and fails his CON check (2+3CON=5, 4/5 Karma).
Hopefully Morvi is able to pummel him back to life soon! Go girl!


Mehrfin and Muel are down. Hykon is still grappled by the Orc Warlord when Quildrum slashes into the brute, almost killing him.

The Orc roars in pain and anger, releases Hykon and scrambles for his axe. After he finds it he has enough left in him for one attack this round.
Quildrum, make a HARD DEFENCE save or take 9 damage.

Yag opens another portal doorway, and continues telekinetically dragging the lens towards it. He looks towards the body of Lord Greystone.

“Rise and defend me, corpse!” He screeches a necromantic command. Greystone’s body shudders on the ground, then slowly and deliberately rises up, holding its spear.


Snow Orc Warlord 6/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Yag the Wraith 30/30HP (Hard to hit, immune to non-magic attacks, max 3 actions).

Zombie Greystone 10/10HP (Easy to hit, undead, max 1 action).

Lens @ 13/50HP (but no clear way to now heal it)

Timer turns to 1 as Yag has almost achieved victory.

Target 15

What do you do?


(I recommend attacking the crystal. Deny this bastard his victory. Someone can have my hero coin if it helps.)


DEF SAVE: 17+4=21
As Quildrum steps to the side and slashes at the Orc.


[Should Morvi roll to attack the crystal with the others? Or help Mehrfin get back up? I’m unsure of her status here…]